*L had never experienced a day of encouragement in her life. Born a Dalit, a girl – and with a physical defect, her birth and disability brought shame to her impoverished family.

Her heart-rending world was disintegrating around her. Having given up all hope that she would marry, her parents decided to dedicate L to a temple goddess so they would not have to provide for her. This would alleviate the disgrace of having a daughter that no-one wished to marry, despite the lifetime of abuse and misery their daughter would have to endure.

One of our Village Leaders heard whispers of the illegal dedication. She gathered her team and together they went to the police, urging them to intervene.

Frantically they searched the festival for the clandestine dedication. Just as the ceremony began, they burst into the secluded room ending the dedication. The Village Leader sheltered the trembling girl, while the police confronted the parents and those orchestrating the dedication.

*L was brought to one of our safe houses where she is receiving health care, counselling, and vocational training. She is discovering that she DOES matter. That she IS valuable. That others DO care. Most importantly, she is hearing of a God who loves her and discovering she has inherent worth.

Thank you to each person from the CityLife family who has prayed, given and supported this transformational initiative.

We have four areas of focus: Education, Healthcare, Economic Empowerment, and Anti-human trafficking, all undergirded with the hope of the gospel.

We are so thankful to our CityLife family for sowing hope and joy into ‘the least of these’.

Posted in October 2023

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