I am a child care worker. Today at work a 3 year old boy said to me, whilst I was changing his nappy, "You are not beautiful." Often I have taken offence when young children have said this to me and in my heart felt a little angry at them because in my era we were taught to not be rude to anyone, especially our elders.

Today I did not take offence but replied to him, "God thinks I am beautiful. He says I am wonderfully and beautifully made." The boy replied, "But you don't have much hair." Out of the mouth of babes the truth shall speak. :) My hair was tied back in a bun because it was so hot! I reflected on this and I realised how far I had come in the knowledge of who I was in God; His child and appointed daughter, truly loved and beautiful because I belong to Him.

Posted in January 2018

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