As a child growing up I never knew what it was like to feel a parent’s love. I was told I was a mistake from birth. I had no faith or confidence in myself... at times, I had no idea why I was even here. At the age of 14 I woke up on the streets and had no clue how I got there. Something inside me had changed; a voice spoke to me saying ‘it’s OK, I'm here, it’s time to get up’. I walked straight across the road into a church and stayed there for almost two weeks. During this time I realized that even though I never had the love of my parents that my Heavenly Father was always in me just waiting for me to look up to him with open arms, which I did, and he took all my hurt and pain away. Now, as a grown woman and a mum, I let God’s love that flows through me into my children's hearts and for them to know just how cherished and what a blessing they are to me. It doesn't matter that you might not have ever received physical love - to be filled with the only love that you will ever need, that fills every hurt and space in your body is so overwhelming that you just have to share it everywhere you go. I know I'm not, and never was, a mistake and knowing I have the perfect father that has forgiven me and loves me unconditionally is something I will never take for granted. It will continue to fill all the spaces in my body for as long I put all my faith, love and trust in him I know that I will never be alone again. He he daily saves my life and gives me everything I could possibly ever need.

Posted in March 2015

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