I am single mum and have a constant struggle to keep up with everything in life. Keeping up with my garden is just another impossible task for me. I want to thank CityLife Community Care for sending a team to help rescue my garden and fight the jungle that was growing out of control. The amount of things that needed to be tackled had become so overwhelming I had started trying not to open the blinds or look outside because seeing everything that needed to be done and not having the capacity to tackle it was causing stress and panic knowing the problem was getting worse every day.

The team was like superheroes, everyone had their own superpowers and the transformation took place so quickly I kept looking at the changes in disbelief on the day because of how fast it was all happening. The amount of things they did in just one afternoon is unbelievable. Looking at the outside now brings calm because the outside is now even neater than the inside. Its brought everything back to a clean start and knowing how much easier it will be to manage now makes it seem like things are actually doable and not so intimidating.

This simple act of kindness has reset the cycle and negative chain reaction that was things getting out of control, anxiety growing and hope of being able to overcome it shrinking. I'm really thankful to the team not only because of everything they did, but also because they showed me a different way of living life it feels. They had a level of focus and willingness to do everything to the best of their abilities that's not present sometimes even when people are working or studying. They seem to embody the just do it attitude with a great sense of responsibility. I hope I can be a bit closer to living life the same way one day and also get rid of all the hesitation, doubts and worries. I'm very grateful to the team and they have made a huge difference in my life.

Posted in June 2022

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