But seek first His kingdom - Matthew 6:33
Building for the Kingdom

We are called as followers of Christ to as NT Wright puts it, "build for the Kingdom of God". During this series we will explore some of the marks of His Kingdom and how we can put them into action in our everyday.

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Bless a Business
At CityLife, we care deeply about our communities and are passionate about bringing restoration, hope, peace and joy. Covid has hit a lot of small local businesses hard - the constant opening and closing, and restrictions have been crippling for many.

We encourage you to go into your community and commit to blessing a local business over the next few months as we come into Christmas.
Create | Vision 2021

2021 is the fourth and ultimate year of our No Limits vision. Our strategic purpose this year is to encourage and equip our church to be creative, to innovate and to multiply as we serve God and his mission.

Learn more about our year to Create or to give to support our New Creative Vision Projects.

Stories of Transformation

Since our beginning in 1967, under the leadership of our founding pastor, Richard Holland, the story of CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve heard many stories of transformation over the years - here are some recent ones:

Impacting Communities in South Asia - We met Kathy from South Asia and were very touched by her story and passion to serve God in a country that is closed to the gospel message.

Kathy shared her...
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Hope for Future - I left an abusive marriage after 9 years of horror, came to CityLife Community Care for counselling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic attacks, Depression and Complicated Grief. I attended counselling regularly, and... Read More
God is Good - I was retrenched and have found it difficult to secure another job. I thank God for my life group members who have been very supportive not only in prayer... Read More
God Answers Prayers - Last Wednesday my 9yo daughter was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. She was experiencing continuous excruciating pain in her abdomen and was unable to walk with the pain. On the second night... Read More
Discussion About Life - We were invited to try Alpha by some of our friends from Life Group, and what a wonderful experience it was. It was very engaging and a great space to have discussion... Read More
Healing - On 28 August 2021, following a visit to the doctor, I was admitted to hospital in pain with a suspected gall bladder infection. As I was being prepared for surgery, I discovered... Read More

What's Your Story?

Your story matters to God. In fact, your life-changing story is a gift from God. We'd love to hear your story.

Share My Story Read More Stories
Life Groups
Life Groups are small groups which meet during the week all over the local area. It’s a great way to build relationships, learn more about Jesus and develop your God-given gifts.

If you are not part of a Life Group yet, join today!

Impacting Communities, Cities and Nations

Impacting Communities

Through CityLife Community Care we offer support to those in the community who are facing personal or relational distress, trauma, grief, hardship or isolation. We encourage, empower, equip and support people in their personal lives, helping them to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

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Impacting Nations

CityLife World Impact is making a significant impact in other nations through our missionary partners. By partnering with those in those local communities we are able to transform communities through practical help and God’s love, always conveying a message of hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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