This weekend we kick off our exciting new teaching series – Called to Create, don't miss it!

For Casey, Manningham and Whittlesea - with the easing of restrictions, we are so excited to be able to meet in person this weekend! In line with government guidelines, our capacity will be reduced, please register to reserve your seat to attend a service.
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For Knox - with the restrictions, we will continue to gather online this weekend. There will not be any in-person services at Knox.

Join Us Online This Weekend
Sat 5pm + Sun 9am    Streaming Live on
Inspire Creativity Conference 2021
For CityLife Leaders and Volunteers
Hear the new things our Creator God is doing.
An invitation to imagine, a desire to dream, a call to create
Fri 20 Aug / 7pm-9:30pm
With Inspire KIDS
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Sat 21 Aug / 9am-12pm
Come early for some pre-conference fun, games and giveaways from 8:50am
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Create | Vision 2021

2021 is the fourth and ultimate year of our No Limits vision. Our strategic purpose this year is to encourage and equip our church to be creative, to innovate and to multiply as we serve God and his mission.

Learn more about our year to Create or to give to support our New Creative Vision Projects.

Stories of Transformation

Since our beginning in 1967, under the leadership of our founding pastor, Richard Holland, the story of CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve heard many stories of transformation over the years - here are some recent ones:

Power in the Name of Jesus - There is something truly powerful just in the ‘name’ of Jesus, it is alive and has power! Testimony I need to share…. On my way home after work and after picking up... Read More
Serve and Share - Our LG organised a camping trip during Term 1 school holidays and invited other unchurched families to come along. Altogether 9 families including 4 unchurched families. We did lots of activities together, fishing,... Read More
Open Doors - We felt led to bring some food over to our neighbour and through this simple act found out that he had injured his back and was having some challenges with his work... Read More
Healing from Pain - I have a lateral tear in my meniscus that has caused a 3.6cm cyst. 1 month ago I could barely walk. I was getting very frustrated and disheartened as I... Read More
Thankful for CityLife Community Care - I left a domestic violence relationship and was struggling to make ends meet. My ex-partner was still controlling me through finances and this had me behind in the rent, at risk of having... Read More
Thankful for Life Groups - I have been part of CityLife for about 8 years and lately I have been finding it hard to look after myself. My Life Group friends have been praying for me and... Read More

What's Your Story?

Your story matters to God. In fact, your life-changing story is a gift from God. We'd love to hear your story.

Share My Story Read More Stories
Life Groups
Life Groups are small groups which meet during the week all over the local area. It’s a great way to build relationships, learn more about Jesus and develop your God-given gifts.

If you are not part of a Life Group yet, join today!

Impacting Communities, Cities and Nations

Impacting Communities

Through CityLife Community Care we offer support to those in the community who are facing personal or relational distress, trauma, grief, hardship or isolation. We encourage, empower, equip and support people in their personal lives, helping them to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

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Impacting Nations

CityLife World Impact is making a significant impact in other nations through our missionary partners. By partnering with those in those local communities we are able to transform communities through practical help and God’s love, always conveying a message of hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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