Ever since my mother-in-law introduced me to Christianity, there has been a growing desire in my heart to go further on my spiritual journey with God.

Migrating to Australia has been challenging, particularly because English is not my first language and there are so many things to adjust to. It was like starting your life again from the very beginning. I knew migration to a foreign country would not be an easy thing but I just thought it shouldn't be this hard. The need to support my family sometimes became a burden to me, I even thought I had become a walking dead. I would get angry with myself or others so easily, and I did not share my feelings with others.

I started to read the Bible and began to learn about Jesus. Ever since then, not only did I become a believer but I felt I was not walking alone. The more I read, the more I desired to be a follower of Jesus Christ. As a once-lost-but-now-being-found person, I want to be baptised so that my sins of past will be forgiven and a new me will be born, I want to be baptised so that my relationship with God will be restored and I would become the temple of the Holy spirit and I do want to be baptised so that I can declare my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted in October 2019

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