I love to see God working through my role as chaplain to the motor sports family. One couple came and participated in pre-marriage training with me, and would often become a little emotional and teary as I shared parts of my story and the love of God with them.

One evening, the groom-to-be explained an incredible encounter he had experienced with God.  As a teenager he was body surfing, was dumped by a wave and had no idea which way was up. Out of nowhere, he thought, "God help me!". A huge hand grabbed his head and pulled him to the surface.  When he looked around, nobody was there. He was convinced it was God.

During the pre-marriage talks the couple accepted an invitation to come to church with me - they even sat on the front row with me at Casey.  During the salvation call, the groom-to-be responded and through his tears he thanked me saying, "I feel the love".

You cannot perceive a person's story, but when you have opportunity to share the love of God, it always plants seeds of God's love - and only God knows when the harvest will be produced.

~ Mark Bateman

Posted in February 2016

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