“My four years old son H has been enjoying Kids Church since the face-to-face services resumed. In recent weeks, he’s been very interested in becoming a Kids volunteer – asking so many questions about volunteering in Kids Church. At one point in our conversations, I mentioned that he’s still a little too young to sign up as a Kids volunteer, he became a little bit sad. But soon, H had a big smile on his face again as he got an idea. He disappeared into his room for a while. When he came out, he had made himself a name tag with ribbon and paper. He wrote his name on the tag and proudly put on the tag. H came to me and said: ‘Look at me, mum! I am a volunteer. I can help my little brother at home! Mum, you should start helping at kids church again!’ With that, he started to sing the songs he had learnt from the Kids' Church to his little brother.

I was so encouraged by him, so instead of waiting for another 6 months before serving again (following the birth of a new child), I am now back as part of the Kids team.

Posted in April 2021

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