Since our beginning in 1967, under the leadership of our founding pastor, Richard Holland, the story of CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve heard many stories of transformation over the years - here are some recent ones:

Shalom Peace - I've been struggling a little bit with anxiety. I was meditating on God's word that said ‘My peace I give to you, my peace I give unto you. Let not... Read More
A Place to Live - A colleague of our Life Group member was not able to secure a rental property after about 3 months of searching. The time was approaching when she needed to vacate her current property.... Read More
God Works in Mysterious Ways - I have an acquaintance at work - I’ve met him only two or three times this year. We connected at our first meeting perhaps because of our similar backgrounds in learning, work and... Read More
Little Act of Love - I went to a local Primary school as a Kids Hope mentor to meet with a student (referred to as "Z") whom I have not seen since the end of last year.... Read More
Prayer Changes Things (From a Field Partner) - One of our Field Partners located in outback Australia shared this "I have been serving as an electrician in a remote town in New South Wales. As it is extremely difficult to... Read More
Prayer Changes Things - Recently, one of our Field Partners in South Asia had one of his pastors suddenly become paralysed. When he saw the Doctor, he was told that he will not be able to... Read More
Forgiveness and Restoration - Many years ago, I really didn't have a relationship with my dad. But God revealed to me what happened to him – he couldn't give me what he didn't have.... Read More
Our God is a Miracle Working God - August 2023 my family in the UK informed me that my eldest brother was not expected to live very long and it would be good if I got over to... Read More
Freedom and Healing - We visited one of our Life Group member’s father as he was diagnosed with cancer after experiencing ongoing bleeding. Out of desperation, he was open for prayer even though he is not... Read More
Encountering God - I have always been very guarded towards my faith. Not properly opening up and letting Jesus properly in. Last weekend, our pastor prayed for healing over us. I've never put my hand... Read More
God is Our Healer - Johnson was feeling very unwell due to liver function issues and asked for prayer at the front of the auditorium during Prayer Ministry time after service. His doctor suggested more blood test... Read More
God is Our Refuge - Last year, amidst my marriage breakdown and family violence, I felt like I was peeping into my life from the outside and watching it fall to pieces, in unbelief. My prayers often... Read More
Cast My Burden on The Lord - I’ve been having a sleeping disorder for about 12 years. I’ve visited doctors,specialist and tried many treatments but all failed to improve the problem. Last December I learned to cast my burden on... Read More
God is Still in Control - It was an unusually hectic morning. I was constantly on the run, school drop off, buying medicine for my son who had a high fever, work emails to reply and a podiatrist... Read More
God Healed Me - A young parent recently went to a medical camp that was set up by one of our World Impact Field Partners. This is what they had to say: "I have been unwell... Read More
Glory to God - I grew up at CityLife Church but I stopped attending when I was about 12 years old. Until the middle of 2023 I was left to my own devices. I ended up... Read More
Word of Knowledge - Just before Christmas we had a brown snake in our backyard which our cat, Indie, was playing with for about 30 minutes, we couldn’t get her away from it.  We were pretty... Read More
Sowing Seeds for the Kingdom - We went to Southern Cross Kids Camp Knox at Mt Evelyn with many volunteers from CityLife to assist with providing a week of happy memories for 27 needy children. Part of my... Read More
God Provides for Our Every Need! - While driving to the Grampians our car broke down due to a punctured tyre. Our family was spending one week with us from Perth. Our car requires one week to be fixed.... Read More
Thank God for my Life Group! - My Life Group has been praying for my reconciliation with my son. We have not been on speaking terms for several years. Recently, I received an unexpected call from him and we... Read More
God has Completely Healed me - Since 2020 I had been in so much pain that caused me to go to the hospital at least three times. Sometimes the pain was so bad, I could not walk. Pain... Read More
Reaching Out - My son saw a new kid at school who was always alone and took the initiative to reach out to him. He then introduced the new boy to his circle of friends... Read More
Struggling with the Cost of Living - I came to CityLife Community Care (CLCC) for food support as I was struggling with the cost of living. I sustained a work injury and wasn’t able to work, which further resulted... Read More
Healing - I had an injury that was affecting my sciatic nerve - I could hardly walk or even sit for extended periods of time and was on medication. There was an altar call... Read More
Answered Prayer - My finger was injured and swollen for three weeks. I thought it was going to be chronically bent but with much prayer (including from my Life Group); God answered and my finger... Read More
A Better Person - God has showed up for me at every stage of my life. The life I’m living today is a blessing from God. Since accepting Him as my saviour things turned around in... Read More
A helping Hand in a Time of Need - Just over a year ago, CityLife Community Care (CLCC) began working with a widower who had lost his confidence and was barely able to afford to eat. He was referred... Read More
Hope Restored - Story from our World Impact Field Partner, DFN - *L had never experienced a day of encouragement in her life. Born a Dalit, a girl – and with a physical defect, her birth and disability brought shame to her... Read More
Sowing Seeds of Faith - At our recent Life Group meeting, one of our Life Group members brought four visitors who were visiting from overseas. Two of the visitors were non-believers unbeknown to the rest of us.... Read More
Stepping Out in Faith - This year I have really embraced God’s word, stepping out in faith and praying for others. I am seeing many miraculous healings in my own family (mental health and heart issues) as... Read More
New Job - I was rather unhappy at work, with my manager not recognising my effort and work. God provided an opportunity to join another company and things have been going great! The work culture... Read More
Saved by Grace - God pulled me out of the gutter, I've been struggling with drugs, drinking and smoking and lost the purpose of life. God broke my heart for the things that I was seeing... Read More
New Found Purpose - I was feeling very down and finding life hard without a sense of purpose. One day, I was doing my gardening and I heard some tweeting from overhead. I looked up to... Read More
New Life in Christ - Prior to knowing Jesus I lived a life full of depression and darkness. I always felt as if I had something missing, I grew up going to youth group but nothing ever... Read More
Rebuilding Life - I was experiencing homelessness due to unemployment and came to CityLife Community Care (CLCC) for food support. I felt isolated and feared being judged. The staff at CLCC was very welcoming and helped... Read More
A Step of Faith - At one of our recent church services, I felt God calling me to learn more about my faith and the Bible. I took a step of faith, signed up to LifeTracks and... Read More
God Works Behind the Scenes - Attending church one weekend, a young lady stopped me on my way and said that she is now a Christian and on fire for God. She did a year of bible study... Read More
Power in Prayer - In June 2023, my loving wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is a walking testimony; cleared of all cancerous cells. Now she has a long time "buddy" at the Breast... Read More
Missional Living - We met as a Life Group at a park for a time of worship and sharing. After worship, a young lady came over and said "you must be Christians". We invited her... Read More
God’s Provision - I was feeling very stressed with my finances - I had to pay significantly more for my home mortgage because of the interest rate rise. But praise be to God, I had... Read More
Blessing - For a couple of years now, I havn’t owned a car after an accident. Together with my Life Group, we have been praying for God’s provision for a car. Soon after, I... Read More
Miracle - I have been having difficulty swallowing food for 3 months, experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. I was booked in to go for colonoscopy and gastroscopy the next day... Read More
Spiritual Journey - My friend invited me to join a Kidz Bizz playgroup in 2021. I started attending with my little one and one of the leaders shared the gospel with me and... Read More
Creating Opportunities and Casting Hope - A young mum, who is a migrant from a third-world country, had so much potential but lacked the confidence to integrate into the Australian community. Her conversational English was poor, so she... Read More
Encountered God - 10 years ago, I started attending CityLife. At that time, my life was in a mess, I quit university due to substance addiction and bad life choices. Soon my life started to... Read More
Answered Prayer - I have been approved for my scholarship which has alleviated financial and mental stress. I have been driven and motivated throughout my studies so far, feeling the presence of God increase day... Read More
Freedom in Christ - For many years I battled drug and alcohol abuse. When I handed my life to God and built a relationship with him, he removed my addiction. I'm now ready to give my... Read More
One Way - Jesus - My whole life is a testimony of the goodness and grace of God. I’ve been the one running from him . Every time I run either through hurt or anger, he still... Read More
A Journey of God’s Love and Grace - Our daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011 at age 9. This ailment results in stomach cramps, constant urge to go to the toilet, bleeding and severe anxiety leading... Read More
God is Good - I have been praying for my son asking the Lord to draw him back to Him. I can see him drifting away from the Lord. He is no longer the... Read More
Open Hearts - I have been mentoring a young mum for a while now and recently the topic of Christianity came up. I had the opportunity to share what faith is and what it means... Read More
Giving It All to God - My mum and dad always believed in God. But I am like the lost sheep who has gone astray. There’s always a nagging voice within me that says I am... Read More
Questions on the Meaning of Life - Last year, I attended Alpha and a couple of LifeTracks courses. I had many questions on the meaning of life. I learnt a lot from the sharing and knowledge of the group.... Read More
Try Alpha - A friend at work introduced me to CityLife Church. I attended the Good Friday service and felt God speaking to me. I felt like the prodigal son coming home into... Read More
Peace of God - I was the only one awake in the house so went to kitchen to have my time with the Lord to not disturb my husband's sleep. It was dark outside and as... Read More
Gift of Hope - My daughter has been in pain since September and waiting for surgery since February. The first Saturday night that the prayer wall went up I heard the Holy Spirit say “she needs to... Read More
Prayer & Fasting: Answered Prayers - Over the 21 days of prayer and fasting, we’ve built an atmosphere of prayer and faith; and seen God speak and move powerfully.  We are celebrating all the answered prayers... Read More
Our Walk with Jesus - Our family is a new Christian family that started our walk with Jesus in January 2022. My wife & I attended the Alpha course and also LifeTracks to know more about Christian Life.... Read More
Faith Journey - I grew up in a Christian family and went to a Catholic school. I've always known about Jesus, I've always prayed, and made an effort to go to church frequently, but never really... Read More
Hope and Prayer - I had an opportunity to pray for a friend who was recovering from surgery and was struggling. She received comfort, relief and restoration of hope. Praise God!... Read More
Answered Prayer - My husband was retrenched from work suddenly without notice. My Life Group has been supporting us in prayer over many weeks as it was a very distressing time – him being the... Read More
God is Good - I sent in a prayer request for my boyfriend who has been through a lot emotionally and has a lot of trauma in his life. I just want to submit... Read More
Sharing Scripture - Just this week I was praying for a friend who doesn't yet know Jesus. She has significant health issues and I felt prompted to message her and send her a scripture (without... Read More
Second Chance - For a long time I have battled my own demons of addiction. I had a near life experience a few years back but thankful for my family members who prayed for me.... Read More
Sharing My Faith - I had been praying for opportunities to share my story. I was at the physio and we started talking. I heard a bit of his story and he asked about mine. I... Read More
Meet the Neighbours - We have been thinking about reaching out to our neighbours and decided to put an invite in their letterbox for an afternoon tea to celebrate the new year. We didn’t get any... Read More
New Faith - I used to attend Sunday school as a child but lost my faith along the way. Sometime last year I had a spiritual encounter, where I felt oppressed by demonic spirits and... Read More
A Beautiful Family - I started attending CityLife Church at Knox in May 2019. At that time, I was a broken woman, going through a difficult season in life and in my marriage. The very first... Read More
Saved - At 69 years old, I had a brush with death. When I experienced a stroke, nothing less than miraculous, my life was spared; I recalled my wife pleading "Jesus save him, Jesus... Read More
Reconciliation - I met an ex-classmate at an outreach event organised by the church. We were arch enemies in high school and treated each other badly. But somehow we managed to reconnect and move... Read More
Christmas Outreach - My wife felt prompted over this Christmas to organise a Christmas party for our block of units. Beginning with prayer she asked God whether this would be something we need to do. As... Read More
Release from Anxiety - I have been experiencing overwhelming anxiety due to a stressful situation in my life. For many months, I felt that I could never overcome my fear and worry, and called the church to... Read More
God Listened to My Prayers - Meeting my current partner has opened my eyes to living the life as God intended. I have been attending church for a few months now and this has helped me grow and... Read More
Answered Prayer for a Neighbour - I have a neighbour who walks her dog and passes by my house regularly. I try to say hello and ask how she’s doing. One day, I ended up visiting her at... Read More
Breakthrough from Addiction - A few years ago I shared my testimony with my neighbour. At that time, she was struggling with an addiction to alcohol and was intoxicated most days. Recently, she disclosed to me... Read More
Being a light in the workplace - At work, people know I am a Christian and often times I will be in the lunchroom and people will ask about my religion and why I believe what I... Read More
Filling the Void - My whole life I have had the idea of God in the back of my head. I felt there was always a void which wasn’t filled in my life and I didn’t... Read More
Light at The End of The Tunnel - I recently left a domestic violence situation and needed a new laptop and printer to be able to find work in my field of expertise – digital marketing. I was struggling to... Read More
Answered Prayer - I applied for a visa for my nephew to join us in Australia last year as his mum had passed away and my brother has been struggling with alcohol addiction and mental... Read More
Healing From Back Pain - There is healing in His name! Recently, I was struggling with a severe back pain to the extent that I couldn’t walk, stand, or drive. It got to a point that I... Read More
Breakthrough From Nightmares - Sharing a testimony of sleeping problem for my nephew. He is nearly three years old. He usually sleeps well at night. A few weeks ago, he started having nightmares , cried and... Read More
Support for New Mums - I had my second child recently and found it very difficult to manage my toddler and the newborn on my own. I was anxious and soon postnatal depression set in. CityLife Community Care... Read More
Miraculous Healing - We are overflowing with joy for the miracle of God's healing hand. A cancerous tumour has disappeared by God's grace and answer to our prayers! We are so thankful for His hand... Read More
BLESS Rhythms - This year, our women's Life Group has decided to study a book similar to our church's BLESS series. We are currently about halfway through the book, taking time to learn and put... Read More
Healing - Just wanted to share my wonderful healing on Sunday 14th at the 9am online service. I almost switched it off as I felt I knew what the message was about. But fortunately... Read More
Just Pray - Seven years ago at Christmas dinner, my son-in-law's mother had an argument with the family which was never resolved. He would try to connect by ringing her but she wouldn't pick up,... Read More
Partner with His Plan - Since April 2022, Father God has been telling me to move, and I interpreted that to be moving back to Qld. A couple of weeks later, Father God told me... Read More
Holy Spirit - During one of the services, I really felt God’s powerful anointing in the room and prayed for a personal touch from the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t long that the person in front... Read More
Share My Faith Life - Grateful for the opportunity to journey and pray for my non-Christian friend. I came to know her through the playgroup where I used to take my grandson to and for many years... Read More
Reconciliation - I just want to encourage others and praise God that in difficult circumstances, He comes through for us and can definitely bring beauty from the ashes. My father-in-law passed away recently and... Read More
BLESS as a Family Rhythm - Early this year my wife and I sat down with our kids who are 10, 8 and 6 years old, and together we spoke about BLESS and decided we commit to these... Read More
Who can we eat with that is far from God? - We have been praying and keeping in touch with a friend who has been away from church and not wanting anything to do with God. We invited him for Easter lunch at... Read More
CityLife Community Care is like family to me - My family was significantly impacted by the pandemic and I was finding it hard to afford basic living expenses as I tried to get back on top financially. The mental... Read More
Pathways Out of Crisis - Stories from CityLife Community Care - We were contacted by a client in a panic as she hadn’t been able to raise all the necessary funds to release her car after it was impounded. The lady... Read More
Power of One-on-one Mentoring - With the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, CityLife Community Care (CLCC) had to adapt the way we ran Kids Hope, an early intervention, school-based mentoring program for children experiencing... Read More
A Different Way of Living - I am single mum and have a constant struggle to keep up with everything in life. Keeping up with my garden is just another impossible task for me. I want... Read More
New Start - I was referred to CityLife Community Care (CLCC) through the Knox City Council about a year ago. I had recently lost my wife, my business and was barely... Read More
Connecting with Our Neighbours - Back in 2019, we organised a BBQ for our neighbours to meet each other. We tried to organise a second gathering in 2020 but were unable to do so due... Read More
God Moves When We are Willing to Step Outside Church - I have been so amazed at the doors that have opened at our local primary school. We started simply by staying after school to play with other kids. Talking regularly... Read More
Dignity Freedom Network: Mourning Turned to Joy - With poverty comes hopelessness. With the inability to provide comes desperation. Orphaned at a young age, *Jyva’s relatives decided to dedicate her to a form of trafficking at the age... Read More
Never Give Up Praying for Children - This story is to encourage mothers to never give up praying for their children. I have been praying for seven years asking God to restore the relationship between my two... Read More
People First - I had the opportunity to connect with someone off the streets tonight. B popped in during the flurry of activity and chaos as we were sorting out the bread donations... Read More
Faithful God - So thankful for God’s faithfulness as I remember the time when I first migrated to Australia. I was unable to get a job for a very long time and was at my... Read More
God Dreams - Four years ago I asked God for a sign and on that same night I had a dream. In that dream there was a long road and on this road there... Read More
Dinner Conversations - We invited some friends over for dinner. As we ate, we naturally started talking about health concerns and parenting challenges. We then had the opportunity to share about our faith and pray... Read More
Building New Relationships - Recently moving into our new rental property has given us the opportunity to meet many of our neighbours who often gather together for meals and conversations in the small park space right opposite... Read More
Open Doors - I had the opportunity to share about Jesus with a person who came into my store recently. This person was of another faith and during our time together discussing life and faith,... Read More
Power of Prayer - My niece had a rare blood condition which was eating away her bones. She did chemo and was in remission. Last Christmas we found out the cancer has come back and is... Read More
Precious Word of God - D is a catholic and had never had a bible. When I met her at the gym and shared about Christ and gave her a bible she was so excited and started... Read More
Obeying the Holy Spirit’s Prompting - I work in a pharmacy and pray every morning on my way to work. One day, a lady came in with a prescription but I had a very strong prompting from the... Read More
An Open Invitation - We open our house on Christmas day to anyone who has no place to go. We pray that people will come and be blessed and that those that don't yet know Jesus... Read More
Bible Coming Alive Through Art - I took some work colleagues to visit the Sistine Chapel Exhibition on the weekend. I didn’t realise that Michelangelo’s paintings were based off of biblical stories and events, I just thought they... Read More
Fully Alive - Yesterday I took home the left over “Fully Alive” cupcakes after church and decided to share some with a neighbour. Grateful, he took them and when he brought the plate... Read More
Keep on Praying - 2 months ago, my sister-in-law suffered an aneurysm. She was unconscious for about 1 hour until my brother came home from work and found her lying on the floor. Called... Read More
Try Alpha - Sitting for a coffee one day with a former co-worker and she offered a question that indicated to me she was looking for life answers. The Holy Spirit gave me the words... Read More
God Cares - A lady was referred to the COACH program at CityLife Community Care (CLCC) a few months ago. After many years of being abused by her husband, she decided to... Read More
God’s Protection - I have been getting a bit forgetful in these latter years and we were out and I remembered I had not turned off a bean stew which had already been... Read More
Healing - My mum was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago and the situation was a bit grim as doctors transferred her to ICU. After much prayer, there was a miraculous turn of... Read More
Jesus - Not Just a Name in Christmas Carols - I did not grow up as a Christian. I grew up in an inner city suburb around housing commission flats. My father was an alcoholic. Although he lived with us he was... Read More
Bless a Business - Chatting with our electricians today, I asked them how their business is going. They said it’s been very tough with the lockdowns and only have 2 week’s work in advance at any... Read More
Simple Gestures - My mum heard from a neighbour that her husband had been admitted to hospital after accidentally spilling hot tea on his stomach. She made an apple tea cake for them... Read More
God is With Us - I had one of my best mates over who is just starting her faith journey. She asked me - what is it like to have a deep strong faith in God? I... Read More
Financial Provision - In late 2019 my husband and I both received a letter from a car company informing us of a diesel emission issue. In short, the company will compensate us for it and... Read More
Healing - A year plus ago, I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder on my right and that greatly hindered my movement. I visited both a physio and a specialist and was told that I... Read More
Answer to My Mum’s Prayers - I am from an atheist background; I had a previous slight interest in Christianity in my teenage years as I had a very cursory read of the New Testament. I... Read More
Impacting Communities in South Asia - We met Kathy from South Asia and were very touched by her story and passion to serve God in a country that is closed to the gospel message.

Kathy shared her...
Read More
Hope for Future - I left an abusive marriage after 9 years of horror, came to CityLife Community Care for counselling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic attacks, Depression and Complicated Grief. I attended counselling regularly, and... Read More
God is Good - I was retrenched and have found it difficult to secure another job. I thank God for my life group members who have been very supportive not only in prayer... Read More
God Answers Prayers - Last Wednesday my 9yo daughter was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. She was experiencing continuous excruciating pain in her abdomen and was unable to walk with the pain. On the second night... Read More
Discussion About Life - We were invited to try Alpha by some of our friends from Life Group, and what a wonderful experience it was. It was very engaging and a great space to have discussion... Read More
Healing - On 28 August 2021, following a visit to the doctor, I was admitted to hospital in pain with a suspected gall bladder infection. As I was being prepared for surgery, I discovered... Read More
Amazing Grace - Soul Voices Gospel Choir was established in the middle of Covid last year as a response to the community need for support. We’re based at CityLife Whittlesea as an outreach. In one... Read More
Sharing Faith Online - I used to go witnessing and praying for the sick in shopping centres and on the streets with another brother in Christ. Covid has made it harder for us to continue doing... Read More
Open Doors - We have just moved house and have been praying for the neighbours on our street. We met them briefly at our house auction and they are all extremely friendly. With lockdowns we’ve... Read More
With Toys In Mind - I'm enjoying the current series on being "Creative." The topic resonates with me and I thought to share my personal experience with you. I have a rather uncommon hobby which... Read More
God Provides in Abundance - Last week I was struggling a bit for food solutions for my daughter and I, so I reached out to a Facebook post from a church member for some help. And Yes,... Read More
God’s Grace is Sufficient - As one of two elderly women, holding Powers of Attorney engaged in the sale of my cousin’s house, I was charged with clearing out his property lived in by him and his... Read More
Power in the Name of Jesus - There is something truly powerful just in the ‘name’ of Jesus, it is alive and has power! Testimony I need to share…. On my way home after work and after picking up... Read More
Serve and Share - Our LG organised a camping trip during Term 1 school holidays and invited other unchurched families to come along. Altogether 9 families including 4 unchurched families. We did lots of activities together, fishing,... Read More
Open Doors - We felt led to bring some food over to our neighbour and through this simple act found out that he had injured his back and was having some challenges with his work... Read More
Healing from Pain - I have a lateral tear in my meniscus that has caused a 3.6cm cyst. 1 month ago I could barely walk. I was getting very frustrated and disheartened as I... Read More
Thankful for CityLife Community Care - I left a domestic violence relationship and was struggling to make ends meet. My ex-partner was still controlling me through finances and this had me behind in the rent, at risk of having... Read More
Thankful for Life Groups - I have been part of CityLife for about 8 years and lately I have been finding it hard to look after myself. My Life Group friends have been praying for me and... Read More
Blessed Immeasurably - I just wanted to share how I was recently blessed immeasurably by the Lord. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and more recently with this latest lockdown I have felt... Read More
Help in Times of Trouble - I was separated from my wife and daughter who was stuck in India because of Covid. My situation was quite dire. I was finding it hard to afford basic living... Read More
Grief Cripples, But Hope Heals - In 2020 CLCC began working with a widower who was barely able to afford to eat. He had found us through the Knox City Council. We have been providing him... Read More
Serving as a Lifestyle - I have been asking God how I can serve Him and what are my gifts. I often find myself strapped for time, not able to do everything I would like to do.... Read More
Ministry in East Malaysia During COVID-19 - Ministry in East Malaysia is going strong even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s an update from CityLife Missions Partner Michael (3Ce).

The COVID-19 situation has provided a tremendous opportunity to use...
Read More
DFN Update: COVID-19 Crisis in India - Headlines across the world scream of the unfolding humanitarian disaster that is occurring in India. Deaths have just passed 200,000 with over 350,000 new infections identified daily. Tragically, the numbers... Read More
Love and Care for Others - At 56 I've discovered along my life that people are generally receptive to receiving love and care, which is sadly lacking in the macro-community these days. But when you spend... Read More
Never Too Young to Serve and Inspire - “My four years old son H has been enjoying Kids Church since the face-to-face services resumed. In recent weeks, he’s been very interested in becoming a Kids volunteer –... Read More
God Will Be With You in Times of Trouble - I was recently in hospital with an extensive blood clot, which extended from my left knee to my stomach. It was deathly painful! When I was given the diagnosis and... Read More
Begin With Prayer - I have been praying and asking God to show me where He is at work in the lives of the families around me. The Holy Spirit then highlighted to me a family,... Read More
God’s Healing Power - I was at work last Friday and I was talking to a friend and asking how he was and he told me his foot was very sore. I felt the boldness... Read More
Faith Journey - After spending the most part of the year in hospital, I have been blessed by different CityLife and CityLife Community Care members helping me with my daily needs. While in hospital, I... Read More
Impacting Community - From our family at this time, we just want to sincerely thank the team at CityLife Community Care. For anyone that ever doubts the impact they might have whilst providing support and... Read More
Living Word of God - I have been following the Bible Reading Plan this month on Proverbs about wisdom, understanding and discernment. It has helped me immensely and I find I have been counteracting... Read More
Keep Serving! - To be honest, serving this year has been a bit challenging. With all normal life disrupted, I wasn't overly excited to start KidzBizz zoom Playgroup as everything else is also on zoom. Each... Read More
Sharing is Caring - We live in a retirement village. During the restrictions, we have been sharing food with our neighbours on a daily basis. They were not allowed in our home so we delivered it... Read More
Encountering God in My Cancer Journey - I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in June 2019. Throughout my journey, I was thankful for family support especially the unconditional love from my children, helping me face this battle and... Read More
Unwind and Reconnect - My recent long service leave has given me time to unwind and get back to my hobbies - cooking and gardening. Never thought spending so much time outdoors would rekindle my relationships... Read More
Move of God in Czech Republic - COVID-19 surprised us as it did the whole world. Within a week, we had to close all of our services and begin online church. However, the Bible says all things... Read More
Walk with God - "During our first lockdown I started walking, well what else can you do, right? People were friendly and I felt a good sense of community. This second lockdown that changed.... Read More
Practical Support - My husband and I migrated to Melbourne in February under a working visa. With the lockdown, it has been extremely challenging to find a job. We are so grateful for... Read More
Conversations Over Coffee - I have always wanted to invite the entire street (I live in a court) over for coffee and morning tea but our family circumstances prevented me from fulfilling this desire... Read More
God is Faithful - Firstly thank you to all involved in bringing church into our homes during this pandemic. Your faithfulness has kept us, me, connected to God and our church community. I wanted... Read More
A Renewed Faith - I feel the essence of Alpha is that it is really for anyone. Whether you have been a long time Christian, or just curious about Jesus, God can use... Read More
From Addiction to Freedom - I was a drug addict for 20 years. First it was heroin and then ice. I thought that people who believed in God were idiots and brainwashed. I served over... Read More
It Felt Like a Family Straight Away - We had already planned to relocate to Australia before the global pandemic so we decided to go ahead with our plans. Every step of the way, we came across wonderful people who... Read More
Power of Worship - I was feeling tired and didn't have any motivation to go to work so I put some worship music on as I drove to work and had a worship session! when I... Read More
A Hymn of Love - Through it all by Hillsong Worship, has been a significant song for me - it was as an anchor in my personal life, as well as for this season (in... Read More
Call to Prayer - I was listening to the news last week and was really grieved by the loss of life to Covid-19, especially in the Aged Care sector around Melbourne. "Oh God'', I cried out.... Read More
New Opportunities - During the time of COVID-19 isolation, I have started working as a Personal Carer of the elderly in the their homes. Last week, I was in the home of an... Read More
Begin with Prayer - For 6 years my neighbours have behaved rudely towards us and to guests that come to visit. They don’t want any cars parked in front of their house or any leaves to... Read More
God Our Provider - Ten days ago, the hospital in which I work was in the news for COVID-19 cases. Within three days, the cases doubled and the health department came and ordered the... Read More
Listen and Pray - Last year I took a friend to an appointment at the hospital. Whilst waiting I heard a familiar voice and looked up to see a work colleague who I had not seen... Read More
Courage to Follow God’s Prompting - On a Friday evening a fortnight ago, I received a missed call on my mobile and a voice message was left from a lady who lives in Perth and who sounded to... Read More
Innovative Garden Beds - During this COVID-19 times, the use of social media has become a new medium for many people to seek help. In early April, one of our Life Group members, responded to a... Read More
I Heart My Neighbourhood - When the BLESS challenge began, it started with B- begin with prayer and a challenge was set to write the suburb where you live on a piece of paper. I was challenged... Read More
Praying for Others - I have been praying for a colleague who had a relapse of cancer. He has been in and out of hospital for surgeries and treatments. I make it a point to message... Read More
Generosity - CityLife Community Care have been blown away recently by an amazing donation. A member of CityLife Church recently had to sell his boat and after committing the sale to the... Read More
Faith in God - COVID 19 has brought about more uncertainties than certainties. For me, at the beginning of the outbreak, I had so many questions about my job and my finances. I work... Read More
A Friend in Need - I was able to bless a new friend who is a single mum of 3 primary-aged girls. She has no car, so I was able to drop off groceries to her every... Read More
A Blessing to Others - Stanislav’s church in Czech Republic is thriving in ways that they couldn’t imagine before COVID-19. The church members are meeting more often than before over Zoom to pray together, some early in... Read More
Making a Difference - Our neighbour Rod turned 93 on 28th April. Because of inclement weather forecast, we were able to give him a revolving birthday party the day before. People came and went and then... Read More
Pay It Forward - During this period of stage 3 restrictions, my husband and I decided to continue supporting our local cafe by buying take away coffee as often as possible, also because having coffee was... Read More
Express the Heart of God in Our Community - This lockdown has opened doors to get to know our neighbours. Over Easter, we asked our young son if he was willing to give away his Easter eggs and he willingly shared them... Read More
God’s Love in Action - I was prompted to call a friend and unbeknown to me, she was going through a hard time and I had the opportunity to pray for her. She felt encouraged by the... Read More
Life Group Connections - We have been meeting via Zoom as a Life Group and as our schedules all cleared up with COVID-19 restrictions, we are able to meet together more often. We all have concerns... Read More
Influence - I have been able to use my social distancing time to share scriptures, encourage and pray for others. Praise God that He can use me as His vessel. I have also enjoyed... Read More
Stay Connected - We had a street party a few days ago. We stayed in our own driveway,  chatting to each other across the street. Kids stayed out as well,  drawing with chalk on the... Read More
Hope in Troubled Times - During these troubled times my husband and I were waiting at the hairdresser's when two other ladies joined us, also waiting for a haircut. It opened up an opportunity to... Read More
Encounter with the Holy Spirit - I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit recently and have seen significant changes and improvements in my perspective of my life and myself. I have greater hope and even a vision... Read More
Pressing into God - Last Friday at EPIC Youth, we shared on prayer and activated our young people to pray and press into God. So amazing to see God move powerfully:

Through the Battles - I was going through a very difficult time with a family member that left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless. As I was serving in church, the Holy Spirit spoke to... Read More
Encounter with God - I had been fasting for 2 weeks and wanted to have a breakthrough in my intimacy with God. I really wanted to feel God and hear Him speak to me. At one... Read More
Missional Rhythm - We have been inspired to practice a new missional rhythm and thought it might be nice to just mow our neighbour’s front lawn as they had just moved into the neighbourhood. They... Read More
Healing - So grateful to God for healing me and the prayers of my friends and family. My cancer markers have dropped further and the tumour has shrunk. My cancer specialist said... Read More
Set Free - I have been struggling with a few relationship issues and was eager for God to take away my sadness and give me rest. All I got as a vision from God was... Read More
Life is Better Together - We had experienced a traumatic home invasion and are so grateful for our Life Group during the extremely stressful time. Our Life Group members were quick to provide practical help,... Read More
Openly Discuss About God - I had never heard of the Alpha program before and just went along with an open heart and mind, to see what it was all about. I was welcomed... Read More
Do Our Part and Trust God with The Rest - I was reacquainted with a girl who I mentored several years ago as part of a school's program. She told me she had kept the bible verses that were given... Read More
An Unexpected Gift - Two single mums, both struggling financially, visited us this past week. Neither had financial capability to buy gifts for their families this Christmas. Thanks to the generosity of our church, we were... Read More
Worries Turn to Joy - Our neighbour has been having several malignant tumours removed from his body over the last two years and has allowed me to pray for him. Each time the cancer has... Read More
Simple Gesture of Love - I felt compelled to pray and help an acquaintance with a small financial gift, as she was short on cash for a medical procedure. She was very moved by my... Read More
Gambling Addict - I was a gambling addict. I knew it was not good, it impacted my family but I just couldn’t help it.  I was filled with guilt and regret. My family... Read More
God Changed Me - Since becoming a follower of Jesus, the way I deal with work colleagues and family members have changed significantly.  I listen to my children more and am experiencing greater peace.  Colleagues that... Read More
Community - We had a Life Group garage sale for people to have the opportunity to raise funds for those in need in our community. We raised over $500 from junk and... Read More
Prayer and Fasting - During our fasting period I have been more aware of the Holy Spirit's presence and anointing; and prayer has become enjoyable as He calls to my mind, people He directs me to... Read More
From Nurse to Church Planter - Tola works as a nurse in Ethiopia and was part of our main city campus. In 2018, he moved to a different suburb and opened up a medical clinic. The... Read More
Unlocking a New and Closer Relationship with God - God has always been a part of my life, however, most often it has been a very distant relationship. Over the past few years close Christian friends have tried to... Read More
Opened Door - Thank you CityLife for the encouraging message on BLESS. Because of you all I have opened the door for conversations in the future with four of my neighbours... I baked... Read More
The Alpha Experience - We were invited to try Alpha by some of our friends from Life Group, and what a wonderful experience it was. It was very engaging and a great space to... Read More
A Declaration of Faith - Ever since my mother-in-law introduced me to Christianity, there has been a growing desire in my heart to go further on my spiritual journey with God.

Migrating to Australia has been...
Read More
Alpha - A life Changing Experience - I was going through a difficult relationship break up when a friend invited me to Alpha. I had doubted the existence of God but decided to go along to... Read More
Sharing God’s Love in a Practical Way - I am so thankful for our CityLife Kids leaders. My little girl had just got glasses and was having a tough time wearing them and being accepted socially because of them. Her... Read More
Don't be Afraid to Start Anew - I've been learning to hear God's voice and responding to His voice. I know God speaks in many ways and I often hear His voice in dreams and visions. I... Read More
Seed of Kindness - It's wonderful to praise God for the breakthrough from seeds planted along the way. Last Christmas I got involved with setting up several family areas in the street foyer at... Read More
God's Way - My second eldest son hasn't spoken to me or seen me in 2.5 years. Prior to and during my marriage breakdown I definitely made some choices that in my mind... Read More
Godly Thoughts - I went up for prayer a couple of weeks ago after Andrew had preached. I had been battling continual thoughts that were causing me to lose sleep and feel really... Read More
Miraculous Healing - Being born into a Christian family, I always understood the importance of baptism. However, I first felt the need to get baptised during a special prayer to receive Holy Spirit... Read More
Take Your Shield - I just want to praise my God that He gives words of encouragement through my sisters at Life Group. I have been very misunderstood by family members and have been... Read More
My Leap Into Faith - I was so nervous to walk into church and start my journey in understanding and opening up my eyes to the possibilities of what CityLife Church had to offer me.... Read More
Finding Joy in Life Group - I began attending Life Group this week. It brought much joy to me to be in this group. I have only been coming to CityLife Church for 8 months and... Read More
Hope in God - My parents separated when I was five years old. I then lived with my mother and saw my father on weekends, who brought me to church. When I was twelve... Read More
Rebuilding Hope for the Future - A woman who left an abusive marriage after 9 years of horror, came to CityLife Community Care for counselling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic attacks, Depression and Complicated Grief.... Read More
With God, Nothing is Impossible - I fractured my leg and went to the hospital to get an x-ray. The doctors wanted an earlier appointment because of the severity of the osteoporosis that I have and... Read More
Food for Life - CityLife Community Care's 'Food for Life' group has been a wonderfully rich and fulfilling experience which has lifted my mood and given much needed COLOUR into a very plain, dull,... Read More
Hope Restored - A very distressed lady rang CityLife Community Care asking for help.  Her husband had just told her he was leaving their marriage of 10 years. She had pleaded with him... Read More
Counselling by CityLife Community Care - I left an abusive marriage after more than 15 years and came to CityLife Community Care for counselling feeling completely shattered. After attending regular counselling, I've regained my self-esteem, reconciled... Read More
Answered Prayer for a Job - Our Life Group and intercessory prayer group in church prayed for my son for a job after graduation. Not only did he get a job a month after he completed... Read More
Make me an Instrument of Your Peace - I met a mother who has just dropped off her children in Preschool Kids Church. As she was coming out of the room, I asked how she was doing. She... Read More
Food Assistance - I just want to share part of my story as a single mother, raising two daughters on my own and how grateful and thankful I have been to receive food... Read More
Try Alpha - A friend at work introduced me to CityLife Church. I attended the Good Friday service and felt God speaking to me. I felt like the prodigal son coming home into... Read More
Showing the Father's Love in Myanmar - The team left Australia with excitement and much expectation to see God use us in Myanmar. We visited the GTP Training Centre in Nyaungpinlay, Taketa, South Dagon, Bago, Htee... Read More
My Awesome Experience in the Mission Field - I was part of a short term mission team of six to India. It was my first mission trip and I signed up because my kids are now independent... Read More
Living for Jesus - Before I gave my life to Christ 3 years ago, I was at war with myself most of my life. I had a love-hate relationship with myself and all my... Read More
Employment Support - W came to CityLife Community Care (CLCC) in early 2018 needing support and help with resume writing and coaching in job interview skills. W came from overseas and was unable to bring... Read More
God of Miracles - About 4/5 years ago, I was experiencing a lot of stomach pains and underwent several rounds of treatment for a stomach virus. Then around 8 months ago, the same symptoms... Read More
Pruning and Bearing Fruit - Today, my girls and I were working in the garden. It was looking very ragged after a long, harsh and hot summer. We cut plants right back and weeded. I... Read More
Accelerating Spiritual Growth - I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school. But only started to take my faith more seriously recently. Some months back, I started a fast from... Read More
Power of Prayer and Fasting - My husband has gone through a wilderness experience in the area of employment. After losing his job, a church contact gave him some casual work but this work dried up... Read More
Healer of Our Soul - Before I became a follower of Jesus I thought I was invisible and unimportant.  I thought that everyone else was normal and that there was something wrong with me due... Read More
Following Jesus’ Example - I was learning about Jesus, how He walked alongside people, showing great love and grace to sinners. And I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about my relationship with my husband.... Read More
From Friendship to Sisterhood - My life had been chaotic, toxic relationships, totally miserable. I had no Christian background but came to faith through a long-time friend who invited me to church. She's walked every... Read More
Be a Blessing to Others - I have a friend who comes from Taiwan. We met at Chinese school and recently she had to stop working because of her studies. I caught up with her over... Read More
Remembering God's Goodness - I serve on the KIDS team and always try to take the time to acknowledge every child, make them feel special by asking how their week has been or compliment... Read More
Empowered by Grace - It was the first day we arrived in Cambodia.  As we rode on the bus to our hotel, my team leader asked if I would share my testimony that night... Read More
God Equips - I have recently started to serve in church but have been doubting my place and ability to make an impact. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I was thinking of throwing in... Read More
Calling Me Back Home - I was invited to attend the baptism of a friend’s child and was very moved by all the testimonies that were shared. I have walked away from God for some... Read More
I Once Was Lost But Now I Am Back Home - At the age of 17 I accepted Jesus and I was baptised. Life was good, God was good. During my early twenties I ventured away, away to taste the trappings and desires of... Read More
God is Our Rescuer - My little granddaughter was having trouble sleeping because she had nearly drowned from being sucked under a pipe whilst caught in a whirlpool recently. When she closed her eyes to sleep, it... Read More
Here are Some Stories from Our 2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge! - “An elderly friend has been in and out of hospital all year. We went out and bought her a Christmas tree, lights and decorations (she didn't have one). We took... Read More
What You Give, You Get - Last week I bought one extra bar of chocolate at the supermarket because there were 3 left in the box. When we got outside there was a homeless man sitting... Read More
Love of Jesus Flows Through Our Lives - A good friend of mine just got out from jail - he did 5 years with his cousin. Now, I never knew his cousin and I connected with him on... Read More
More Blessed to Give Than to Receive - This month's theme of Random Acts of Kindness brings back fond memories of the time my two children and I went on a mission to do "37 random acts of... Read More
Kindness and Generosity - My car was broken into in the morning and one of my pets died in the afternoon, and it didn’t help that days prior were rough too... Later, someone left... Read More
Redeemed Purpose - As a child, I was often sad and lonely and didn’t look forward to going home from school. My parents were both alcoholics and provided no protection or security for... Read More
Building More Than a Home - Pastor Bunleng is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge, a regime that slaughtered between 1.5 to 3 million men, women and children between 1975-1979. He faithfully pastors a... Read More
Full of the Holy Spirit - The reason that I came to the Alpha course was that my wife kept bugging me about it. She wouldn't leave me alone, and finally I said to myself,... Read More
Mentored and Supported to Grow - God has accompanied me through difficult times. I did not see myself as valuable and so endured 20 years in a dysfunctional relationship with an abusive man. This damaged me... Read More
An Encounter with God - Before I became a follower of Jesus I thought I was invisible and unimportant.  I thought that everyone else was normal and that there was something wrong with me due to childhood... Read More
All About Others - I joined Alpha a couple of years ago. As a participant, I got to know God from my heart. I was baptized by the Holy Spirit through others praying for me. Now... Read More
Trusting God - I was born into a Christian home and taken to church every Sunday since I can remember from a very young age and was taught about God's love for all of us.... Read More
Not by Our Own Strength - I have been struggling with several addictions for many years and that has always hindered my relationship with God. I was recently reminded that no matter how hard we try,... Read More
How Great is Our God - Sometimes God encounters us because He wants us to be a blessing to others. The words that come out of our mouth can bring about tremendous blessing and transformation to... Read More
God’s Protection and Healing - I had an annoying backache and I took two codeine tablets in an attempt to lessen the pain, but unfortunately on an empty stomach.  I started to feel light headed... Read More
Restoration Through Volunteering - Due to circumstances beyond my control, my life was turned upside down. Just when I thought retirement was looming and life was cosy, God decided otherwise. After months of depression, I was... Read More
A Story of Transformation - During my trip to see my daughter in Queensland I was able to share God’s word and goodness in my life. My daughter questioned why I don't ever get angry... Read More
Reason for Hope - We recently moved to Melbourne and were invited to CityLife by some friends. It was challenging trying to adjust to the new environment and as a result, I suffered from... Read More
From Death to Life – Miracle in CityLife International Church Ethiopia - The family was from a rural village and was referred to the hospital in the city for the treatment of their sick child, but the child passed away. The mother... Read More
Dreams and Visions - Lately God has been speaking to me in dreams, visions and giving me scriptures relevant to situations. These have been encouraging to others in their circumstances. He has been answering... Read More
Everyday Moments - While waiting to pick up my kids, there are often opportunities to have a quick chat with other mums. I have been having regular chats with one of the mums, all very... Read More
My Mentor - I have been part of the C.O.A.C.H program for about three years. It has really helped me make changes in my life and become a happier person. Many things have... Read More
Impact Others - My daughter has been very proactive in reaching her friends for Christ. Seeing her faith and determination, I too felt convicted and inspired to share my faith with my colleagues.... Read More
Women Connect - CityLife Community Care runs a Women Connect group, designed to reduce isolation, provide support and guidance, helping women build their confidence and learn new skills. The group meets together... Read More
Helped by The Family Values Series - Today I was able to help my daughter work through a disagreement with her sister, because of the messages we have been getting at church on family values. She thanked... Read More
Support Group for Men - Blokes Side by Side is a support group, run fortnightly by CityLife Community Care, for men from the community who are isolated and going through challenging life situations.... Read More
Praise God for His Protection - Every day I pray for God’s protection over my family members. Recently I have felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to include my siblings and their families too in this... Read More
Safe and Renewed in God’s Ark - On the day of baptism, I was feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited that I was finally getting baptised but also feeling nervous because... Read More
Mentoring Program - CityLife Community Care runs a fantastic C.O.A.C.H program. Here’s a testimonial from one of participants. “C.O.A.C.H provided me with a mentor who each week, visited me at my home.... Read More
Birth of a Bridge Group - We had a guest speaker share about serving ‘Others’ at our ‘Chaplains Shout’ event where we thanked volunteer teams from the Motor Sport family; Fire and Rescue, Medical and Officials... Read More
Breaking Poverty - In addition to reconciling people to God, one of our major objectives at CityLife International Church Ethiopia is to empower people to overcome poverty. Poverty is a day to... Read More
Giving - Andrew's message on giving resonated with me as I have known first hand that God can be trusted and if we would tithe faithfully, whether we earn 50K a... Read More
Food for Life - CityLife Community Care runs a ‘Food for Life’ program, where people can pick up the life skill of cooking and make new friends along the way. Here are some... Read More
I Forgive You - One of the children in Prep-Grade 1 had a prompting from the Holy Spirit during Kids Church. She felt angry and upset with someone. The Holy Spirit convicted her of... Read More
God is Here - At youth in our junior girls' life group on Friday night, we have recently started giving the girls time to write in their journal. Sometimes they like to share what... Read More
Alpha and Prayer - I had a gentleman called Nick in my Alpha small group and in one of the discussion sessions he mentioned that he had never prayed in his life. Nick had... Read More
Overcoming Fear - God has enabled me to drive beyond 15km to Carnegie today. I am a timid driver and most of the time I'll not drive to places beyond 15km far. Also,... Read More
Worshipping God is More Important Than Any Party - My kids await for Saturday church time. They love kids church and I am so grateful for all that you do to nurture our kids . Most Saturdays we are... Read More
Our Wonderful and Amazing God - God has been working miraculously in our lives over many years. I believe God works miraculously every day, if only we opened our eyes more to see. In October 2017,... Read More
Father's Salvation - I grew up in Melbourne, and in 2004, went with my family to work in the Middle East. Last year, I resigned from work and returned to Melbourne to look... Read More
School of Ministry – New perspective - School of Ministry has had a significant impact on my life. I have learnt to listen to other people's stories and started seeing people differently. Prior to starting School... Read More
Serving Helped Me Become a Better Parent - I became a Kids Church leader when my older kids, who are boys, would not have much to say after church. The standard answer to "What did you do today?" was "Not much".... Read More
Healing - I had a sore back for a few years so I went to the doctor and he referred me to get scans on my back. In the meantime, a friend... Read More
Yeah God! - Had a chance to pray for a lady working at Target a few weeks ago after she told me about her very sick daughter. I put my hand on her arm... Read More
Try Alpha - Since I started Alpha, I felt a change in my life and my approach toward situations. This has been valuable and the day away was particularly impactful. When Tina prayed,... Read More
Share the Love - During our CLCC Christmas Lunch Kids programme, we did a skit to share the message of "love is sharing". We then gave the children a practical opportunity to share through... Read More
Identity in Him - I am a child care worker. Today at work a 3 year old boy said to me, whilst I was changing his nappy, "You are not beautiful." Often I have... Read More
He Protects - I was out on a walk on a nice day and as I was crossing a bridge, I was hit by a bike. I was taken to a local petrol station, not... Read More
Family Relationships Restored - For many years my husband's family has been dysfunctional. There is little contact between parent and siblings. My sister-in-law moved down from Queensland about 5 years ago and we have... Read More
Good News for Guys - Blokes Side by Side is a support group, run fortnightly by CityLife Community Care, for men from the community who are isolated and going through challenging life situations. One of... Read More
Kids Church Connection with Community Elderly at Whittlesea - Whittlesea Kids Church had another wonderful day of connection and service when they visited the BUPA aged care home in Thomastown. The children came with their mums to engage,... Read More
Water and then Holy Spirit Baptism - Water and then Holy Spirit BaptismEarlier this year my daughter told us that she wanted to be baptised. She had heard the explanation at Kids Church and was very... Read More
Our God Answers Prayers - Last Sunday, my 12 year old, who plays competitive tennis in grade D3, was told that her away matches that day were a wash out while we were still 5... Read More
God Speaks - In Primary 4-5 as we were finishing up our God Speaks Series, we wanted to spend some time putting what we’ve learnt into practice to hear God’s voice.

Here are a...
Read More
I Can Serve - A Story from Kids Church - Michaela (8 years old) asked her mum about Pastor Andrew’s sermon during the ‘Serve’ weekend. Her mum explained that Pastor Andrew was sharing about serving together and that the ministry... Read More
Fresh Revelation - I have had a rough few months over a relationship issue. During those times I spent quite a bit of time reading God’s word and praying; however I still felt... Read More
Love in Bloom - During the recent cold weather a number of nursing homes have been in ‘lockdown’ due to significant numbers of residents suffering from flu and/or gastro.

This included one of the local...
Read More
Faith in Prayer - My neighbour has been our friend ever since we got married and moved to our home across the road from him 37 years ago. He is now a widower and... Read More
Amazing Healing - My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in November 2016. When the surgeon explained the severity and that the only option was spinal surgery, we were simply speechless.... Read More
Loved From the Beginning of Time - Father God spoke to me in my journaling of how He had loved me from the beginning of time. He told me how He had seen my unformed being before... Read More
How Worship Helped me Through - This last year has been the toughest year of my life. I normally love to worship and sing. I often have music on at home and in my car. Even... Read More
Practical Help for a Single Mum - My Life Group recently engaged in the 'Adopt a Community Care Client' program and provided gardening assistance to a single mum with three school-aged children. This was a wonderful experience... Read More
God Gave Me a Purpose - At the age of 35 I was at the peak of my career, I had a successful business and I had paid off my house; but I was so depressed.... Read More
He Never Leaves - Last year was a difficult year for me. I would put on a 'happy face' everyday for people, but inside was the opposite. I would wake up every day not... Read More
Practising the Prophetic - During one of the TASK Force training sessions in May we were talking about the prophetic. During the session we also practised to pray prophetically for one another. The TASK... Read More
Mighty Presence - I had been asked to fill a guitar spot for a Saturday service, after which I noticed a friend that I hadn't seen for a long time waiting for me... Read More
Baptism in the Holy Spirit-A parents testimony - I'd like to share this amazing testimony of the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Two weekends ago, my daughter took notes and listened attentively to Lynn Moresi's message...
Read More
Reaching out in time of need - Last year (2016) was a tough year for our family. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and, although he is recovering well and the prognosis is good, it's left our 12-year-old with... Read More
You Never Know Who's Listening - I have a friend who has a bad prognosis with her health. I've been wanting to be more direct about sharing about Jesus with her but just didn't know how,... Read More
The Birth of Answered Prayer - I knew a woman from my mothers group wanted to have more children and that she and her husband had to do IVF for the first pregnancy. Their little girl... Read More
God Works All Things - I was meant to start a new role (let's call it Job A) in early December. However,   the week before I started, I was offered another role in Job... Read More
Sharing God's Faithfulness - This year has been a tough year for us, but we have seen God's faithfulness in so many ways. My husband was recently diagnosed with what the doctors called 'significant early-stage cancer' which... Read More
Finding the Right Church - I grew up in mainland China. There was no religion in my home. My parents were in the Communist Party and I suppose that was their religion in a way, although they... Read More
God is Faithful and True - As the year comes to an end, I look back and reflect on the fact that God is faithful and true! This reminds me of one of my favourite songs... Read More
Never Too Young to Share the Gospel - Here's a wonderful testimony from one of our Kids Church volunteers. "My son attends a state primary school. One day he was playing with two friends. One of his friends also attends... Read More
My Answered Prayer Helped Ethiopia - I have been involved in the World Impact fundraising bazaar for the past three years. I wanted to share how God amazingly answered my prayer requests as I prepared for the bazaar... Read More
Next Step With Giving - My wife and I have been regular givers but felt God ask us to take a next step with our giving. Feeling a little anxious we took the step, and our business... Read More
God Sees - I got a job back in 2014 where I worked as a collections officer. I struggled a lot with a lot of workplace bullying. I kept praying to God and trusting him... Read More
God's Hand - A few months ago a career opportunity opened up for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a self-employed business owner. This opportunity came with manyfold blessings: 
Read More
New Faith - I have come from a Hindu religion who worships idols; it's only me in my family that believes Jesus. My family doesn't know that I am following Christ and being baptised. Believing... Read More
In Trusting God, We Find Peace - The last few months I have had some personal problems involving work and my family. They have been wearing me down so much that I have not been sleeping well and felt... Read More
God Honours Faithfulness - I am a long-standing member at CityLife Casey, but two years ago I lost my job of 16 years. I kept looking for jobs, serving on two teams at my church and... Read More
The Holy Spirit Overrides Any Difficulty - Each Thursday I visit my mother, who is in a nursing home. She cannot hear and I communicate with her through a whiteboard and marker. She is 93 years old and has... Read More
In God's Time - I was retrenched a year ago. I was devastated and wondered where was God. I had good support from Christian friends during this difficult time, praying with me and encouraging me.... Read More
Discovering God - I just want to praise God for using me to speak in to someone's life. This is my story........ My friend grew up in a hostile family home. At the age of... Read More
Doubts Turned to Trust - One of our leaders in Kids Church shared this wonderful story. He invited a friend (who was his 'Focus 1') to Christian event at Melbourne University that was put together... Read More
My Awesome Experience on a Missions Trip - I was part of a short term mission team to India in July this year. It was my first mission trip and I signed up because my kids are now independent. I... Read More
Spiritual Growth - School of Ministry has rekindled my relationship with God as I spend more time with him and learn about my spiritual gifts and disciplines, all of which has caused me... Read More
Salvation Through a Rap - Every fortnight the Young Adults go in to the Dandenong Hospital as an outreach ministry. They essentially hold a church service; they sing, have activities and share the gospel in... Read More
A New Christian’s Impact - A woman from CityLife, let's call her 'Jane', brought her brother and his girlfriend to church on a Sunday last month. The girlfriend comes from a troubled family. I had the... Read More
Reaching Out - One of the ways we reach in to our community at Casey is by partnering with Dandenong Gatehouse, an initiative of St Kilda Gatehouse. They work with young women, aged... Read More
God Uses Social Media - At our last young adults event I met a young lady who was visiting for the first time. She wasn't a Christian and decided to come along after she saw one of... Read More
Filled With the Holy Spirit - The week before the Inspire Conference I had a terrible week. Just before leaving the house on the Friday night, my wife shared that she was excited at all the new... Read More
Giving Comfort - I was coming home from the airport on an airport shuttle bus. I noticed a young girl down the other end of the bus who was crying. I felt the Holy Spirit... Read More
God Provides - I have been a Christian most of my life.  I lost my wonderful husband two a half years ago and this was devastating, but God held me throughout all my pain. Looking back,... Read More
God Spoke Through Our Neighbour - One day, our son was riding his bike up the street and started talking with our neighbour, 3 doors up, as she was out doing gardening. She came and spoke with us,... Read More
Seizing the Moment - This is a story from our Youth team: Late one evening in January I dropped past one of my Life Group guy's house to drop off a drink bottle that he... Read More
Healing From a Coma - This is a story from our pastoral care team. One Friday, we received a phone call from a lady reporting that her husband was very sick at Monash in the ICU.... Read More
Never Give Up On Praying - This is a story about my mum and how interceding for her with God resulted in a miraculous transformation in terms of her view about life, her faith in God and her... Read More
My Heart Transformed - For a huge part of my life, I played competitive golf and I always felt in my heart that one day, God is going to use me for something special. I once... Read More
Leading Someone Back to Christ - When I rang Coles Insurance general number I was connected to a young South African man in Durban, SA, Fredric. He asked what I did for a living and when I... Read More
The Expectant Faith of a Child - One of our awesome volunteers in prep-grade 1 room came to serve in Kids Church with a bad earache. This was not very pleasant and was a big worry as ... Read More
Transformation Through School of Ministry - Through School of Ministry and working with Alpha, I have learned skills and uncovered talents that I never knew I had. My confidence and ability have increased, and allowed me to move forward personally and... Read More
Providing Support in the Workplace - A few of us Christian staff at Monash University Clayton Campus have been rebuilding a network of prayer groups for university staff around the campus. We had our first prayer... Read More
Answer to Prayer - We recently bought an investment property. After over a month without a tenant, I decided to go to the house and do nothing but pray to ask God to provide a tenant... Read More
A Beautiful Revelation - One of the children in Kids church shared that he was reading in the Bible about Jesus' crucifixion and realised that "Jesus loved us more than he wanted to save himself". What a... Read More
The Impact of Life Groups - One of our Life Group members has a child who is regularly admitted into the Royal Children's Hospital. As a Life Group we decided to support the 'Run for the... Read More
Power of Prayer - Recently my husband and I experienced again the power of prayer. We have a business for just under two years now, and like any other new businesses the first two years can... Read More
Encounter at Alpha - My story started many years ago. Before I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit my life was aimless. I was doing everything in my own strength and not doing it... Read More
Cancer-Free - God walked me through my cancer journey. God has always told me nothing exists that is big enough to cast a shadow in his presence. At the point of diagnosis God... Read More
Reflecting on Christ - Praise God, I am not anaphylactic! I discovered this when I was stung three times by wasps in my back garden; twice on my head and once on my wrist. The pain was piercing,... Read More
The Impact of Kindness - One of our Life Group leaders, on her 37th birthday, was contemplating the goodness and faithfulness of God. As she counted her blessings she decided she wanted to give back. So ...... Read More
A Story of 'Stepping Out' - After lots of fun and games at an EPIC Youth LIVE night, we started worship. I was standing next to one of the younger boys and part way through worship I had... Read More
Engaging with others - Someone who has just recently joined our EPIC Youth - Whittlesea, spotted his friend while playing in the church car park. He was a family friend and also attended primary school with... Read More
10,000 Stories - As a Life Group leader, I am always looking to add more people to the group, and this morning I woke up from a dream where l had a message to... Read More
Learning to be Positive - We bought a property we are going to knock down  so we can build our dream home. I introduced myself to a few of the neighbours and in those conversations... Read More
A Story of Reconciliation - This story is to encourage mothers to never give up praying for their children.
I have been praying for seven years asking God to restore the relationship between my two sons, who were...
Read More
A Journey to Salvation - I love to see God working through my role as chaplain to the motor sports family. One couple came and participated in pre-marriage training with me, and would often become a little emotional... Read More
Healing Testimony - I wanted to share that during worship in February 2015 the Lord told me there was going to be healing prayer offered. I went forward during the prayer time; I had... Read More
Reunited by God - I'd like to tell the story of a couple from our Chinese church. The wife moved out of the house after three years of  struggling marriage. The Life Group leader and I... Read More
Holy Spirit Encounter at Alpha - I originally came along to Alpha to support my friend who had a lot of questions, as well as to see what Alpha was all about, since I’ve heard so much about... Read More
School of Ministry - Through School of Ministry and working with Alpha, I have learned skills and uncovered talents that I never knew I had. My confidence and ability have increased, and allowed me to move personally... Read More
God Can Use Little to Do Much - I felt God pursued me join School of Ministry and eventually I commenced, mid-year. As the year comes to an end the feeding in to my soul and the transformation cannot be... Read More
Stories From the Community - Each year CityLife Church hosts a Christmas lunch through Community Care for those in the community facing hardship and isolation. Here are just a few of the comments from those... Read More
'Motherhood' Creating Stories - I just wanted to share a story about 'Motherhood'. I attended one of the mornings and it was great, but I had to rush off to my maternal health appointment.... Read More
God's Love Never Leaves - I first gave my life to Christ at a Billy Graham crusade when I was 11 years old. Through my teenage years I drifted away from my beliefs, getting carried... Read More
God our Provider - God is so wonderful - He provided the funds for an overseas trip and spending money. While I was away I asked God how I could help our Casey building... Read More
Stories from CityLife Kids - There have been so many stories of transformation coming from Kids church over the course of the year. The stories shared here have come from the time spent in Kid’s... Read More
A Story of Baptism - I would like to say a few words about what baptism means to me... I got baptised because I wanted to know what it was like to be closer to... Read More
The Positive Impact of Attending a Life Group - My story of transformation is about the positive impact of attending a Life Group for the first time. It also tells how I feel I am being transformed inside, through... Read More
An Amazing Healing - About five years ago I had a lot of health problems, which led to four discs damaged in my back. (As a result I had) five years of morphine-based medication,... Read More
An Alpha Experience - During the prayer time at the Alpha ‘day away’ I spoke to the group leader about hearing God's voice. This was the second Alpha course I have attended. I had... Read More
God Cares About the Details - Our old family car was in an accident and we reported a claim with insurance. We were advised that the market value had dropped tremendously, being that it was an... Read More
God our Provider - (Last December) I attended an interview for a higher position in my profession. I came to church and the pastor prayed for people looking for jobs. At around 8pm that... Read More
An Opportunity to Grow - (Last December) I was offered a full-time teaching position. The previous four years I had been unemployed or employed casually. God is faithful to all his promises. Despite the tough... Read More
A Serving Story from Alpha - It was my first time as a helper in Alpha. At the ‘Alpha day away’ the power of the Holy Spirit was overwhelming in the chapel, and seeing the participants... Read More
God Cares For Us - As I was leaving my Bible study group one of the other ladies, Margaret, asked me if I could make use of a vacuum cleaner. I said that I probably... Read More
My Story of Transformation (An Alpha Story) - I grew up in a Christian home but couldn’t recall a time I knew God. I knew he existed and was good and our Saviour, but I couldn’t seem to... Read More
Amazing Transformation – Victory Over Depression - My husband and I, along with our six-month-old daughter, first attended CityLife Church Manningham in September 2008. At that time, my husband and I were looking for a church where... Read More
A Story from our Chinese Church - I was a gambling addict. I had never liked gambling, never played card games, chess or Mah-jong. How did I become addicted? I was looking for someone in the casino... Read More
A Story From a New Christian - Being a Christian is life-changing. I used to work very hard in my own effort. I also studied very hard, but I was miserable. Now, since having Christ in my... Read More
A Transformed Life - I came strong in my faith when I followed my sister to a prayer group meeting over 15 years ago. I had gone to the prayer group meeting to support... Read More
A 'God Appointment' - This story happened on my way to work at church one Sunday. I was planning to stop and grab a coffee and something for breakfast. I drove past a few... Read More
A Story of Love, Forgiveness, and Freedom - I did not grow up as a Christian. I grew up in an inner-city suburb around housing commission flats. My father was an alcoholic. My mother is my hero and... Read More
The God of Restoration - My neighbour came over for a chat and cuppa one day. She was distressed about the estranged relationship between her and her son, and she was heartbroken. I encouraged her,... Read More
A Story of God’s Protection - Some years ago I was impressed by God to pray protection over my family. Later in the afternoon my wife rang to say our daughter had been lying on the... Read More
A Story from Alpha - It's was a blessing to join the 'Alpha Day Away'. It had been awhile since I experienced a touch from the Holy Spirit. (On that day) I felt something like... Read More
A Story About the Strength of Life Groups - A bit of background: This story is about a mum and daughter. The mother had battled with depression a couple of years ago. Recently she had an unfortunate car accident.... Read More
God Transforms the Emotional Pain - In primary school I went through so many friendship groups, but none of them worked out well. It took a huge toll on my life, and my mental health. Everyone... Read More
The Holy Spirit - During our Life Group BBQ, we found out that two of our Life Group members received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the Encounter weekend at church in February.... Read More
A Story of Restoration - I separated from my husband because of mental and physical abuses. I tried to get help and consultation with seven pastors, including my old church pastor, but my ex-husband didn't... Read More
A Story of Healing - Nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. After enduring surgery, six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation I was finally in remission and... Read More
Sharing a Story of Encounter - At the last ‘Encounter Weekend’ (in February) two of our Life Groups members received the gift of tongues simply because they wanted to receive it and braved the walk to... Read More
God Cares About Our Worries - I’ve had breast cancer twice in the past three years. A few weeks ago Brenda came up on stage and said she wanted to pray for people with neck pain... Read More
A Story from EPIC Youth - Friday night (before camp) was amazing! We decided to have a pre-camp gathering where we ate pancakes and planned to pray for camp. God lead us in a different direction... Read More
Story of Healing - Earlier this year I was unwell and, after a series of tests, was informed by my GP that I had hyperthyroidism that may be a chronic autoimmune disease called Graves... Read More
A Story from School of Ministry - Earlier this year, I felt God’s calling for me to go into full-time ministry. It has always been my desire since becoming a believer to serve God in a full-time... Read More
Stories From our Kids Church... - A few days ago I was on the monkey bars and I sprained my ankle. I kept praying and when I stood up, the pain was gone! A child from... Read More
Story of Transformation from School of Ministry - At the start of the semester I was really excited to begin this path (attending School of Ministry), as this was completely new to me and it was a big... Read More
Prayer and Healing - I had Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome, a heart condition that could lead to stroke or other heart complications. But thanks to much prayer and church support my condition has been... Read More
God’s Power of Reconciliation - My story is about the reconciling power of God in my marriage. More than ten years in to my marriage my husband and I had grown apart as we allowed... Read More
A Story of Revelation - Today I felt God. All my life I had wondered “who was God, why did God do this?...etc”, but today I realised that God had never left me. He has... Read More
A Story of Trust - We recently migrated to Australia. It is really God's blessing that my husband got a job within a short time. However, to be able to start-up a new life here... Read More
A Story of Financial Blessing - We decided to double our weekly offering a couple of months ago. Two weeks later, I was advised by my manager that they had approved my pay rise and also,... Read More
A Story of Provision and Answered Prayer - Over the past three years my husband has gone through a wilderness experience in the area of employment; we had a long period of searching and seeking and asking God... Read More
I Once Was Lost, but Now I'm Found - At the age of 17 I accepted Jesus and was baptised. Life was good; God was good. During my early twenties I ventured away - various addictions, clubbing, trying to... Read More
A Story from Kids Church - Manningham - A few weeks ago, the Kids Church had an ‘Encounter Sunday’ and did activities and had discussions around the story of salvation in Jesus. There was a great response from... Read More
A Story of Healing - I had pain in my knees for over two months, the pain was so bad I could not sleep at night. Last Encounter weekend I came out for prayer and... Read More
God's Grace & Love - In 2014, I was in a destructive relationship based on dishonesty. She strung me along whilst she was looking to hook up with other people. It later became apparent that... Read More
A Miracle in My Life Group - One of the ladies in my Life Group had numbness and a tingling sensation in her arm for three years. One Sunday, during prayer time, she felt she needed to... Read More
Baptism Testimony - God has saved my life for as long as I can remember and has always pulled me through the hardest times of my life. As a child growing up with... Read More
A Story of Support - When I first came to CityLife I was going through a very difficult time. When I told the people at CityLife they took tender care for me through counselling, prayer... Read More
The Impact of Reaching Out - A member of our congregation was sitting in the foyer area after the CityLife Community Care Christmas lunch, when she started chatting to a client who had just been to... Read More
Finding my Identity in Christ - When I was at youth camp, in grade 5, I had leaders lay hands on me, pray and prophecy over me, and I was baptized in the holy spirit and... Read More
God Working Through Us - My husband works at Crown as a security guard in the hotels. He was chatting with one of the housekeeping staff who was really worried about losing her job, as... Read More
Finding Our Identity in God - As a child growing up I never knew what it was like to feel a parent’s love. I was told I was a mistake from birth. I had no faith... Read More
God Using Our ‘Space’ to Transform - At the beginning of the year we kicked off EPIC Youth with all our sites coming together at Knox. We held the meeting outside in our new car-park. The vision... Read More
Answered Prayer - I just wanted to give a praise report on God's faithfulness in answering prayer. I was standing at the front of the stage as part of the Prayer Ministry Team... Read More
God's Provision - Last year, I committed to give $100/month for the story building project. With three young kids and a mortgage to pay, our finances have been tight and we have been... Read More
A Story of Healing - My daughter was born with a heart defect. At 3 1/2 months she had open heart surgery and was told they had not completely fixed the defect and her heart... Read More
A Story of New Beginning - "I had pushed everybody away; family, friends and acquaintances. I had the whole world at my feet... for some reason even though I was blessed to have so much and... Read More
A Process of Healing - After a bad skiing fall approximately eight years ago, I badly damaged my lower back and both hips and was unable to walk without excruciating pain in my lower back... Read More
An Answer to Prayer - My daughter was looking for a part-time job and had handed out many resumes and applied online for many positions. One day, after I had dropped her off at the... Read More
God’s Transforming Power - Before the ALPHA course, I was a Buddhist. My friend then invited me to Alpha Life Group. She is very kind. In Alpha Life Group, I learned about God and... Read More
Hearing from God - I approached a prominent health drink organisation to try to find out if they would donate their health drink as part of the refreshments for the Chinese Senior Music and... Read More
A Story of Surrender - The turning point in my life began in February this year when my dad suddenly passed away. I asked myself countless times: 'Is this all there is to life?'' I... Read More
God’s Spirit - At Young Adult's Camp 2016, during the ministry time Saturday night, I had an emotional encounter with God. His unfailing love and peace reigned over me and my heart was... Read More
Story of a Life Saved - About 5 months ago I was suffering serious depression and it got to a point where I nearly killed myself. I was having continuous suicide thoughts until I felt God... Read More
A Story of Transformation - I was saved as a child and attended a Baptist church for a few years with my sister. My mom is a Buddhist and my Dad is an atheist and... Read More
Healer of Our souls - Before I became a follower of Jesus I thought I was invisible and unimportant. I thought everyone else was normal and there was something wrong with me, due to the... Read More

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