This story happened on my way to work at church one Sunday. I was planning to stop and grab a coffee and something for breakfast. I drove past a few different options but didn't feel like stopping, even though I was starving! I decided to just go to the 7-11 opposite church.

I recognised the guy working and smiled as I had seen him before. He asked if I was off to church and I explained that I was part of the Kids ministry - he has a two-year-old and was unaware we had programs running for preschool-aged children also.

He explained that he had previously attended CityLife for a short time but had ‘dropped off’ over the years. He works most Saturday nights and Sunday mornings and therefore was unable to attend. I excitedly told him that we had started a ‘Sunday at Five’ service that could be perfect for him - he was so happy to hear that he would be able to attend. He said that he would come along that night!

I then understood why I didn't stop at all of the other places (despite the much better coffee)... God wanted me to have this conversation.

Posted in August 2015

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