The Kingdom Investment Fund exists to serve the vision and mission of CityLife Church by investing in tax-deductible projects that make an impact in our community and beyond for the kingdom of God. In addition to the projects featured here we also support a number of tax-deductible external ministries such as Southern Cross Kids’ Camps, Access Ministries and many more. Through the generous giving to this fund we see many inspiring stories of transformation take place.

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Tax-deductible gifts are to be used for the following activities. The Trustee reserves the right to redirect designated donations to other tax-deductible activities as deemed necessary. Please go to this page instead for all tithes and general offerings.
  • Community Relief Programs
  • World Impact Projects (a limited number of tax-deductible projects only, not for general missions activities)
  • Other (tax-deductible projects as promoted)

If you wish to make a gift anonymously or through a family trust or other trust, you generally do not require a tax-deductible receipt. If you require a tax-deductible receipt should select Yes to the question “Is a tax deductible receipt required?”, and complete the contact information fields. Please direct any queries concerning your giving to our Business Manager at the church office on 9871 8300.

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