I have a friend who has a bad prognosis with her health. I've been wanting to be more direct about sharing about Jesus with her but just didn't know how, without sounding like I was doing so because of her terminal illness. So I decided to just keep being really open about how much he is a part of my every day. I'm going through a really tough time right now, and I am needing God more than ever. So I have just been sharing Jesus by being even more open about what he's been doing in my situation, bringing that in to the conversation when we talk.

A couple of weeks ago she shared how she decided to go back to the catholic church and was going to confession. I just shared some scriptures with her about being able to go directly to Jesus and being able to approach God boldly after what Jesus did on the cross.

Not long after that she shared that several things have been pointing her toward this and that those things, plus my sharing with her, have opened her eyes to Jesus.

The next few days the message that came through said how much different she felt with Jesus in her heart, and how things 'looked' different now. I'm so glad I shared more about what God has been doing in my own life. I've often not verbally attributed the 'how' I got through something when talking with friends that don't have a relationship with Jesus, afraid of how they might respond. But now I know that they do listen.

Posted in April 2017

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