“An elderly friend has been in and out of hospital all year. We went out and bought her a Christmas tree, lights and decorations (she didn't have one). We took some gingerbread over and decorated the tree with my kids. She was so happy it blessed us all.”

“My local shopping centre recently had a promotion to give away forty $40 gift vouchers. So I decide to join the queue and eagerly awaited to receive my $40 voucher. Whilst waiting in line, I started a conversation with the woman, also lining up, in front of me. What started off as small-talk about Christmas shopping somehow led to her tearfully sharing with me about her strained family relationships and financial struggles she was facing. As I listened to her story, I felt the Holy Spirit's prompting to give her my $40 voucher. When she received it from me, she was overwhelmed with emotion, gave me big hug and with tears in her eyes said to me - a total stranger - "Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much that means to me. I love you!" Never underestimate how much kindness matters. It can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light!”

“Last week I bought one extra bar of chocolate at the supermarket because there were 3 left in the box. When we got outside there was a homeless man sitting near the door. I asked my 3-year-old son if he wanted to give the extra block of chocolate to him. So we went over. As soon as he received it, the man opened it and shared it with us. So we all sat down together to eat. I was blown away by his kindness! Here I was trying to be kind and he was kind straight back to us! A similar thing has happened another few times where I've done something kind and my kindness has been returned straight away. I can see God is teaching me in this.”

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Posted in November 2018

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