I am a long-standing member at CityLife Casey, but two years ago I lost my job of 16 years. I kept looking for jobs, serving on two teams at my church and doing my best to support my family financially, but spiritually I felt very dry. I had an opportunity to minister in my homeland, so I went there full of expectation. On my return I still felt dry and didn’t return to volunteering at first.

I was really aware of the scripture that says ‘obedience is better than sacrifice’, but just didn’t rush into anything – even coming to church was hard some days. I continued to apply for jobs but wasn’t getting anywhere and I felt disappointment. Then, at the leadership lummit, someone spoke to me (besides my wife) about joining a team. During the summit I really felt God speak to my heart and I went home full of resolve to join a team.

I volunteered and served that weekend as there was a vacancy in one of my old teams. The following Monday I had a phone call about a job and was interviewed on Wednesday. Even though they said I was ‘overqualified’, Friday they rang and said the job was mine. I really believe that God honoured me because I was obedient even when it was difficult, and I would encourage others to keep serving and keep the door open for God to move.

Posted in October 2016

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