I had been asked to fill a guitar spot for a Saturday service, after which I noticed a friend that I hadn't seen for a long time waiting for me down the front. She told me about some hard decisions that she needed to make. After talking with her I offered to pray for her. While I was praying for her I was prompted to ask her if she had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to which she replied that she hadn't but would like to. I prayed with her and she started speaking in tongues.

I had hesitated asking her when I first felt prompted, but I'm so glad I did ask her! My friend sent me an email the next day saying that when she got back to her car that night, she felt the presence of 'something mighty' surrounding her and immediately had peace about the decision she had to make. God is faithful, and he is at work in people's lives. We just need to cooperate with him. I love her description of God's tangible presence - particularly because she comes from a non-church background and just used her own words to describe it.

Posted in July 2017

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