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What Others Say About Alpha

I feel the essence of Alpha is that it is really for anyone. Whether you are a long time Christian, non-believer or just curious God can use Alpha to do His work. For me, I have grown closer to him in revisiting key belief and the essence of His character. Sometimes over the years I feel we may not realise but life can harden our heart or we take for granted what we have access to in God; a friend, a healer, one who never leaves us or forsakes us, forgives us over and over again etc. This was certainly brought afresh for me again.

Alpha has in a way brought me back to the basic foundations of being a Christian; one having a relationship with God.

If you feel a nudge to do Alpha but not sure or don’t think it’s for you, just do it anyway. God will outperform beyond your imagination! You never know your experience might be used to bring someone else to God someday...
Through Alpha I was able to have fun, make new friends and have a meaningful discussion about Christianity in a safe and informal environment. This experience was amazing.
I enjoyed the sense of community, meeting new people and how everyone openly and honestly discussed about topics throughout the course.

Alpha in Life Groups

We also run Alpha in Life Groups. Please email for more information.
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