I was a drug addict for 20 years. First it was heroin and then ice. I thought that people who believed in God were idiots and brainwashed. I served over 10 years in prison and at the start of my last prison sentence, a chaplain came to see me and asked if she could share some time with me. She asked if I believed in God and I told her I was "on the fence", I couldn't completely rule it out as I knew very little about the Bible or its teachings. She asked if it was ok if she gave me a Bible and asked that that night, I should go into my cell and ask God to make himself known to me. Reluctantly I did, and to my surprise the next day I felt a change in myself. I had gone from depressed and suicidal to feeling hope and a happiness, that quite frankly I shouldn't have been feeling under the circumstances. I started to read the Bible day and night, I then started reading devotionals and felt like they were talking directly to me. I then started attending church in the prison. Slowly the word started to go from my head to my heart. I started living like I had never before, and caring for others like never before, caring for myself like I never had before, praying like I never had before. I had many "God moments" in prison that I just could not explain any other way other than God watching over me and carving me into the palm of his hand. On release from prison, I joined CityLife and it has just been an extension of the love I was first shown by the chaplain in prison. They have been so good to us and I feel like we are family. I am now married with two beautiful children, I have a successful career and I have been drug free since 2016. Praise the Lord!

Posted in September 2020

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