I've been learning to hear God's voice and responding to His voice. I know God speaks in many ways and I often hear His voice in dreams and visions. I would like to share the dream He gave me. I was in a yacht. There was another figure in the yacht, which I felt was Jesus. He told me to step out of the boat. I was frightened but remembered that Peter had stepped out of the boat at Jesus' command and that made Jesus happy so I went over into the water even though I could not see Jesus there in the water with me as Peter had seen Him. He was still on the boat but watching me, peering over the side. I began to struggle in the water but I did not sink. I floated on my back. I smiled and Jesus smiled back at me from the boat. Jesus was telling me to not be scared to start anew. Don't be crippled by past fears and disappointments. Sometimes we have to start something new and even when Jesus seems far away, He is still there watching us, cheering us on, by His smile and gentle voice. He will not allow us to sink or be overwhelmed. He is there to guide by Holy Spirit that we won't sink.

Posted in September 2019

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