The reason that I came to the Alpha course was that my wife kept bugging me about it. She wouldn't leave me alone, and finally I said to myself, my wife does a lot of things for me, so I should do this one thing for her. She was so excited and said when I go, to go with an open heart and an open mind. So that's the reason I came to Alpha, I told myself I was doing something for my wife, but really I was doing something for myself. My job is busy and stressful. The first time I came to Alpha, I experienced peace and relaxation. After it finished, I jumped in my car, my head filled with questions and hope. I turned on my favourite radio station and this was what I heard. "From darkness I'll leave for a place I’ve never seen, It’s been calling out to me, it’s where I should be." The song is by Birds of Tokyo. I thought, “Wow!” It still gives me goose bumps even today. I returned each week with questions; sometimes they even had to tell me that other people might have questions too, and to give them a go, lol.

I heard a lot over the next several weeks about the Away Day, over and over, I even said "This day better be something big” . The night before I was filled with worry that I may be overlooked. That He would not like what He has seen of me. Maybe I’m not worthy. I couldn’t sleep much. I woke up early and was nervous and anxious. I even arrived about an hour early. Well, here I was, at the highlight of Alpha, the Away day! After watching a few videos, singing and listening to someone else’s experiences, it was time for prayer. I thought to myself, I’ve come this far, why not try it out? Two ladies came to pray for me. I said, "I’m here, do what you can." One lady was in front and one lady behind me. They asked what I would like prayer about. I said, “Life in general, stuff about my past and to make me a better person, a better man. A better husband and a better father.” They began to pray and I couldn’t contain my emotion, I started to cry uncontrollably, I heard one of the ladies say ,"It’s OK, let it go, open your heart, He is here for you." I felt heat, I felt a lot of heat at this time in the palms of my hands. We had been told this might happen as a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit. I thought I was going mad; I even peeked to see if the ladies were touching me with heat pads or something like that, but no, it was just them. Then after several moments, I felt a cooling wind wash over me. Well, I thought, here we go; they have turned a fan on! I knew that a wind can be another sign of the Holy Spirit, so I peeked again with the other eye and, no, it was just the two ladies. They prayed for me in ways I had never heard before, but I understood everything, they told me. They told me things about my past that only I knew, secret things I had told no one. I couldn’t believe it, I tried to understand but then I started to sway back and forward. I thought to myself, if I fall over, I’m going to flatten the poor lady behind me. So I told myself to get a grip, concentrate. One of the ladies told me to “Let it go, let it go.” After that I felt a calming, a peace I have never felt before. A little while later they stopped praying for me. I was so emotional but in a good way. I even heard another non-believer from my class speaking in tongues which by itself was a miracle. After he had finished, he looked at me and came over to give me a hug, I think we were both exhausted by the moment and also full of the Holy Spirit.

I believe I have benefited greatly from doing the Alpha course. So, guys, I have to tell you it can be a very good idea to listen to your wife occasionally. If it can help me, it can help anyone. Even while writing this, I cried. It means so much to me and I thank everyone involved who helped me along the way. Amen.

Posted in October 2018

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