We recently migrated to Australia. It is really God's blessing that my husband got a job within a short time. However, to be able to start-up a new life here we needed dual incomes, so I started to look for a job in November last year. There were a few rejections at first and I started to feel dejected. During a church service in January people who were looking for jobs were invited to raise their hands. I raised my hand, trusting that God will listen to my prayer, and I was very touched that people I didn't even know prayed for me. The following week I received a call from recruiter. Not only did I have one, but THREE interviews. Finally I managed to get a job; one that has flexible working hours as well. I cannot praise God enough for what he has done for me. I hope my story will inspire some of you who are in the same situation I was in. Trust him always.

Posted in April 2015

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