At 56 I've discovered along my life that people are generally receptive to receiving love and care, which is sadly lacking in the macro-community these days. But when you spend the time one-on-one with people, and show love and care, people always respond well. (The hardened atheists may be excepted; perhaps believing in the philosophy of scepticism). However, the responses WE as a family receive in showing love to friends, neighbours and strangers is one of the most rewarding parts of life and I've tried some rewarding parts of life and nothing quite cuts it like allowing the love of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit flow through you in a timely and in-season way. I encourage my wife and children (who naturally do anyway), to show love and care to whoever you come across. Don't forget it's not always the big mission trips, the astounding changes, the big stories that have ALL the impact, it's the little ones as well.

Posted in May 2021

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