As I was leaving my Bible study group one of the other ladies, Margaret, asked me if I could make use of a vacuum cleaner. I said that I probably could and she said that she’d bring it next time. I was rushing off and didn’t explain to her that two weeks prior my vacuum literally blew up with a bang and smoke. I thought to myself that maybe she had replaced her vacuum and I was thankful that God was giving me another one.

About a week later when I walked into work a brand new vacuum cleaner was sitting in its box on the table. I casually commented about it to my colleague, who surprised when she said – “oh, that’s yours, a lady left it for you. Margaret later shared that God had told her to buy me a new vacuum cleaner and he provided for it. Thank you Margaret for tuning into God and being obedient to him. What a special blessing!

Posted in September 2015

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