My Life Group recently engaged in the 'Adopt a Community Care Client' program and provided gardening assistance to a single mum with three school-aged children. This was a wonderful experience for everyone involved as the ripple effect of just two hours of gardening assistance brought about multiple positive outcomes!

The mum's two young children were thrilled to see other children helping them with their garden. Relationships were built as they explored the garden and 'helped' the adults, and shared food and games with one another. This mum commented that as they are fairly new to the neighbourhood they didn't have many friends. She also shared openly of her struggles with raising children on her own. An invitation was extended for her to visit CityLife, as the children could benefit from the positive community support.

In two hours not only did we transform her overrun garden in to one with neat hedges, trimmed lawns and pruned shrubs, but we made a lasting impact on her children, which meant so much to her. Her children have been seen pleading with her to join at working bees to help other families like them. They also said, "We want our grass to grow really fast so you can come back soon".

As a leader it gave me such joy to see the church meet the community and engage at such a practical level. The experience has definitely left me hungry for more... I would urge all Life Group leaders to join in the 'Adopt a Community Care Client' program. It will help their Life Group bond and give them a great sense of purpose as they go on mission together.

Posted in August 2017

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