My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in November 2016. When the surgeon explained the severity and that the only option was spinal surgery, we were simply speechless. On the way back in the car all I can think of is that God is still on the throne and that He is in control of this situation. In the coming weeks we prayed and researched about this illness and decided that we wanted to go ahead with surgery.

One of my customers (a member of CityLife Church) happened to be in the spinal surgery business and while I was at their place decided to mention this to him and his wife. He immediately went on the computer and provided me with a couple of names of surgeons and then said go with this one as he is a believer.

That word "believer" kept echoing in my head and as I prayed, God made it crystal clear that this is the surgeon that He wanted us to go with. Later we found out that he was the actual head of orthopaedics at Royal Children's hospital. We were over the moon as we knew that our daughter was getting the best care possible.

During this time our family went through enormous stress going to the various tests and also knowing the dangers of the surgery. God made my daughter so brave that she gave us strength to go through this. On the day of the surgery during my prayer time, God showed me that as Abraham dedicated Isaac to God, God wanted us to surrender my daughter to Him and that this sickness will not end in death. God's word was so clear me.

While waiting for my daughter to be taken in for surgery, on a suggestion of my customer, I held the hand of the surgeon and said to him "please say a prayer before you start" and he said “yes I will”. The surgery was meant to last 6.5 hours. After 3 hours the surgeon came running and said that he didn’t know what happened but the surgery went so well like text book that they managed to finish in 3 hours. Our God is so faithful.

It's nearly 5 months and my daughter has healed well and gone back to her normal activities including her dance. God did not promise that we will not have troubles in this world however He said "take heart as I have overcome the world". Praise God. He takes care of all the details and He puts the right people in your path when we choose to trust Him.

Posted in September 2017

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