There is something truly powerful just in the ‘name’ of Jesus, it is alive and has power! Testimony I need to share…. On my way home after work and after picking up my son from childcare, I drove into my driveway. A car stopped at my house. As I proceeded to take my son out of the car, I noticed a lady walking towards me. Finding this odd… I prompted and I asked, ‘Can I help you?’ In an emotional state she replied, “I followed you when I saw your car, because of your stickers”. I apologised if any offended her (as I have a few different ones on the back of my car, but non offensive)…. In tears she answered, “No”….. “I was turning behind you and noticed your sticker of a lion & the other of the word Yeshua”…. I answered yes, ‘Jesus’. She cried and told me her mother who passed away was a Christian, but she was not. And that she had a dream of “Yeshua as a Lion”…. So when she saw this on the back of my car, she decided to follow me. She said her life needed change. She needed prayer… I offered to pray for her (the least I could do)…. She said she wanted to speak to someone from Church, etc. I took her name and number… I have now sms’ed her the details of CityLife Community Care and assured her that we too would keep her in our prayers. At that moment I did not know this person’s need, but I did know she was in pain and was searching. I never thought stickers on the back of my car could do this… but I am reminded that the ‘name’ of ‘Yeshua’ carries power… this I witnessed that day. I also don’t know why so many years ago I had a prompting to add those stickers to my car - on that day I found out why! Crazy! But even as I drift in my walk in faith (hot / cold) and being challenged at times, that moment I was again reminded of God’s works. God does work in mysterious ways. And there is power in His name! Praise God!

Posted in July 2021

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