LifeTracks is a life development and leadership course, designed to help you build solid theological foundations, understand church life, explore deep personal and spiritual issues and prepare you for active service.

We believe God calls each person to develop their potential in order to be able to serve others effectively. LifeTracks is an outstanding course specifically designed to assist you in your journey of personal and ministry development. We highly recommend it.

Track 1 - Christian Life
This Track explains the beliefs that make up the foundation of our Christian faith.

Track 2 - Church Life
This course provides an in-depth understanding of CityLife Church's mission, values, vision, statement of faith, structure and governance model. Upon completion you will have an opportunity to become a partner with CityLife Church.

Track 3 - Personal Life
The purpose of this course is to strengthen the 'inner world' of the believer by addressing personal and spiritual issues. We will discuss strategies to help you handle emotions, relationships and life-contradictions through freedom in Christ.

Track 4 - Leader's Life
This course provides key tools and approaches to prepare partners of CityLife Church for confident leadership.

Track 5 - Group Life
This course is designed for Life Group leaders. It trains leaders in skills that can creatively empower a small group to make disciples, reach out and multiply.

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Short Courses

We encourage everyone to complete Track 1 to Track 4 above before proceeding to the following courses. Please note that some courses require participants to complete all Track above. Please refer to the course detail.
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  Sat 28 May (9am)
An introduction to Greek, the original language of the New Testament.  Participants will be able to identify the Greek words and gain a basic understanding of the grammar system and be equipped with resources for further practice and study.

This will deepen our understanding of the biblical texts and empowers each person to be Fully Alive in Christ.

Facilitated by Clement Low and Michael Loke.

Please note that there is no children's program available, so parents will need to make alternative arrangements for their children.

Registration closes: Friday, 27 May @5pm

  Sat 28 May (9am)
God is moving by His Spirit amongst us and in the life of every Christ follower. This looks and sounds different for each of us and that is part of the adventure!

This online course will help you grow in recognising and responding to the presence of God in your life – living out your life of prayer, of relationship with God.

We will look at scriptural examples and then apply some insights from biblical characters in a workshop format. Time will be given to teaching and experience, discussion too.

Walking by the Spirit is our calling and the experience of knowing more of God and His ways is our reward. We are called to live life to the full!


"I believe in LifeTracks because it is one of the means of spiritual growth. The specialised courses provides according to its name a specialised kind of teaching: some meat of the Word along with some other good, spiritual cookies to help you grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is designed to help you to help others!" ~ Kevin Conner

"No matter where you are in your walk with God, LifeTracks gives everyone a good foundational base to start with. From there, the basic theological and practical teaching they gain from it will act as a stimulus for future growth and development. It also helps people to experience the living God at a deeper level, and enables them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. I believe LifeTracks is for everyone." ~ Joe Liow

"Having been involved with LifeTracks over many years, I believe it is a powerful course that will help you understand what CityLife is all about. I believe as you journey through this course you will find yourself on an exciting path of spiritual adventure and personal growth. You can also look forward to discovering your spiritual gifts and become well equipped in your service for God. LifeTracks is a must for everyone!" ~ Daljit Gill (Associate Minister)
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