Living on Mission, Locally

Living on Mission everyday is for every believer and it is core to our faith (John 20:21, Matthew 28:16-20). God has sent each of us on mission to reach a specific group of people in a particular neighbourhood, workplace, sporting group, gym etc. He has strategically placed us amongst these people, to reach these people through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Missional Living is when we intentionally declare and demonstrate the Kingdom of God wherever we are, each day. It means that we contextualise the gospel in creative, tangible and practical ways to those around us and it will look different for each one of us.


Although the way each of us live on mission will look wonderfully different, at the very core, we all hold the following key values as we engage with others:

Growing into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ

Authentic Relationships
Every person feels accepted, valued and has a sense of belonging

Puts others needs first and communicates generosity

Lives out the life of a disciple using both words and actions

Joining God at Work

When we live on mission, we acknowledge that God is already at work in the world and peoples lives all around us. It often requires us to slow down in order to see how He is working to redeem all of creation to himself and how we can be part of what he is up to.
One of the ways we can practically live on mission is by following the BLESS Missional Rhythms. These are not a tick list to be achieved, but rather a rhythm for life.

Begin in Prayer
Pray for Holy Spirit to give you opportunity and to alert you to how He is already working in the lives of those around you.
Listen to the Holy Spirit and listen to those God has sent you to. Learn to ask good questions not give answers. Take an active interest in their world.
Share in the vulnerable act of Eating together. Like Jesus did with others, wherever he went.
Find ways to be meaningful and intentional in serving others. Not just random acts of kindness, although these are good. Once you have listened well to them you will know how to serve them well.
Share Your Story
As you have all these as a regular rhythm, the Holy Spirit will provide you opportunities to share about how God is redeeming and restoring your life. Remember, your job is to simply be a sign post in His direction, He will do the transformation.

For further reading, check out Dave Fergussons book called ‘BLESS’ in the ‘Read’ section below.


As you have been joining God at work, why not share with us the stories of transformation that you are seeing so that we can celebrate with you all that God is doing.
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