For a huge part of my life, I played competitive golf and I always felt in my heart that one day, God is going to use me for something special. I once thought that maybe one day I would gain resources through competing to assist those who were in need. However, I was really wrestling with the meaning of my place in the world and how I was serving God in this space, because in the recent years, little results were showing. I struggled with anxiety and felt really lost as my identity was tied up in the results rather than who I was in God. Little did I know/understand that God was shaping my character for my future.

It came to mid 2014 where a short-team missions trip video was shown, and for some reason I felt the nudge of God calling me to visit Cambodia with the youth and young adults. I'm often an over-thinker of things, but for some reason I immediately signed up and just felt at peace with it. The trip to Cambodia and visiting the village at Stung Kbal Domrey opened my eyes to the amazing ways God is working in the lives of people around the globe. It was so empowering to see that God has a huge heart and plan for his people.

Going on that missions trip didn't just give me the opportunity to be God's hands and feet, but that trip really enabled my heart to be transformed. It was like a real wake-up call from God saying to me, "don't wait until you've got it all sorted out to then impact others. It's time to get off the sidelines and start playing." I knew just what he meant. I had been putting off being a serving member of the youth ministry because I was afraid I didn't have it all together. I understand now that it has nothing to do with being perfect. In 2015, I joined the EPIC Youth leadership team and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Being a part of the short-term missions team and joining the EPIC outh team has brought a whole new sense of community into my life and has really enhanced my faith journey. I feel encouraged and accountable to others in growing closer to God and I know that no matter what I'm doing or where I am in the world, I'm contributing to the kingdom of God.

Posted in June 2016

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