Since April 2022, Father God has been telling me to move, and I interpreted that to be moving back to Qld. A couple of weeks later, Father God told me you're moving at the end of July. In my own interpretation, I thought I would be moving to Qld at the end of July next year in 2023. A couple of weeks later, Father God told me to start packing and sorting out stuff that I want to take when I move. Again, in my own interpretation, I thought I had a whole year to do this! Well, I have a story to share of Father God giving me all the right prompts, but in my interpretation, I was a little bit off on the timeline.

On Friday 22 July 2022, at 4:30 pm, I got a call from the real estate that manages the property I currently rent. She told me that the insurance company has assessed the water damage at the property and has said there is extensive damage and they would need to remove some of the external walls to get to the mold growing under the house. Therefore, I would need to vacate the property. I responded out of shock and asked the question, how long do I have? She said I had 3 weeks to vacate. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I calmed myself down by seeking God for his love, Jesus for peace, and for Holy Spirits' comfort. I then rang someone who would listen to my issue, who wouldn't fix the problem for me, but I knew they would pray for me. That phone settled me and helped me to gain focus. I started praying and seeking Father God's heart in the midst of what was happening. I then began looking for properties to inspect the next day on Saturday. I went to 4 properties. Saturday night I did a wider search of the area where I live and found a house that just filled me with Joy just looking at it online. I put in an application for it and remembered saying to God this house would be a delight to my soul - I would love to have this home. On Monday at 12pm, I was accepted to rent a property from one of the Saturday inspections, and it was a house that met our needs, but it didn't bring me Joy, I accepted the application out of fear of not having a home in such a quick time frame. But I was still hoping the house that was my delight would be on offer to us too. On Tuesday I got a phone call from the house that was my delight and they approved my application. Now I had 2 properties within 2 business working days of being told I need to vacate.

You are right, we accepted the house that delights my soul, it has a gorgeous view of the west of Melbourne, and it feels like Qld. It even has an old hills hoist clothesline - we had these in all our rentals in Qld. Let me be authentic, Father God was telling me all the right things, to prepare me for what was coming ahead, but I had the wrong timeframe... and as soon as I partnered with His plan, it all fell into place and has been quick work.

Posted in August 2022

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