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Fasting for the Future - the Next Era of Our Church
  Andrew Hill  
Andrew Hill takes us through a passage of scripture from Acts chapter 2 to see what the Bible says about the ‘type’ of church we can be in this next era.
Fasting for the Future - the Next Phase of Community
  Andrew Hill  
In this message, Andrew Hill explores how vital it is that we pray for our community and uphold leaders and those authority before the Lord in prayer.
Fasting for the Future - the Next Generation
  Andrew Hill  
The next generation faces issues that no other generation has had to face. Let’s fight for the hearts of this next generation as we pray for them, their relationships and their future marriages.
The Power of Praying and Fasting
  Gurmit Gill  
Fasting is one of those spiritual practices that can tend to be ignored or neglected, especially in our indulgent society today. Gurmit Gill shares some insights into the power that’s released through fasting, which intensifies prayer and releases God's power over situations.
Andrew Hill's Induction - Living A Life Worthy Of Our Calling
  Various Speakers  
A new chapter begins as Mark Conner passes the baton of leadership to Andrew Hill, the new Senior Minister at CityLife Church. Andrew Hill shares his induction message from Ephesians 4 on how we should live and the hallmarks of CityLife people as he further explores what we are here to do.
Farewell Address
  Mark Conner  
In this message, Mark Conner shares some personal reflections on his 22 years as senior minister of CityLife Church.
CityLife Church Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  Mark Conner  
From small beginnings back in 1967, CityLife Church has grown to become a thriving community of people, congregations and ministries both locally and overseas. In this message, Mark Conner takes us on a trip down memory lane to reflect on God’s work throughout our history, as we celebrate all he is doing today and anticipate the future.
Stepping Into New Things
  Gurmit Gill  
Gurmit Gill inspires us to step into new things and new experiences with a fresh faith and confidence in God.
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