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Shared Meals
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond reflects on the way Jesus shared meals with people and how he modelled it as a way of life for the church.
Everyone is Welcome at the Table
  Leanne Hill  
Who we are as family means that all are welcome at the table. Leanne Hill shares that the best way this is experienced in our community, is through love.
Love Unlimited
  Andrew Chisholm  
Reach out and experience the breadth of God’s love. From Ephesians 3:14-21, Andrew Chisholm shares how God’s love can take away our limitations and empower us to impact communities, cities and nations.
Redefining Discipleship
  Paulos Djini  
Discipleship is one of the most misunderstood teachings of Jesus. Paulos Djini takes us through a redefinition of this within the ‘Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’ principle.
From Doubt to Belief
  Andrew Hill  
In his message, Andrew Hill looks at the disciple Thomas, who was not present when Jesus appeared to his disciples. Thomas was later able to come to a point where he could declare Jesus as his Lord and God, through his personal encounter with him.
Lead me to the Cross
  Lynn Moresi  
On crucifixion Friday, Lynn Moresi reminds us to not only remember Jesus' death, but also his call for us to follow him to the cross.
You Can be The Light of The World
  Tina Waldrom  
In this message, Tina Waldrom shows us what it means and how it looks for the church to be the light of the world.
Generosity Is A Matter of the Heart
  Andrew Hill  
As a church, we acknowledge that everything we have comes from God, but rather than being stewards of what he has entrusted us with, sometimes we treat it as though it still belongs to us. In this message, Andrew Hill explores how we can continue to live generously.
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