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A Spiritual Pilgrimage
  Paul Molyneux  
A pilgrimage is not only a physical journey to a destination, but it is also a spiritual journey towards God's kingdom and His presence. Psalm 84 speaks of the pilgrimage to the temple of God. Paul Molyneux invites us to see in this passage how God is working through the valleys and hard times on our way to come closer to Him.
To the Kingdom
  Danielle Strickland  
Sometimes God's calling doesn't make sense or it isn't how we expected. Jesus called His disciples on a journey to an unknown and foreign area; but even when the storms rose, He was the peace and calm in their midst. Danielle Strickland explores the last passage in Mark 4 and how we can orient our ways to follow Jesus and trust in His plan.
The Victorious Christ
  Michael Grechko  
What is the book of Revelation? Mike gives us the context and summary of the who, what, how and why of Revelation and explores how even through spiritual trials, Christ remains victorious.
Less is More
  Ken Lee  
Although in our daily lives limitation can bring us down, God can use all things, even our weakness, to bring glory to the Kingdom. Ken Lee speaks on the story of Gideon and how God used less in the eyes of Israel to bring more prospering and glory to His people.
The Grace of God
  Paul Molyneux  
How do we live counter culturally? In Titus, Paul calls us to a life of grace in a culture where it was not valued. Paul Molyneux explores how and why we should show grace as God first showed grace to us.
What is Tithe?
  Michael Grechko  
Does the church only care about money? What is the tithe and why was it required by God in the Old Testament and do we still need to do it today? These are some questions Mike talks about as he looks at 1 Timothy 5 and unpacks the concept of giving tithe and people working for the church.
When Things Don't Go to Plan
  Andrew Chisholm  
Life doesn't always go as planned and for the Apostle Paul, this was no exception. How can we find God's purpose for us through life's ups and downs? Andrew looks at 2 Timothy 4 and how Paul's plans for a missionary journey failed, and how we can finish what we started for God's plans, not ours.
Living in the Unknown
  Marg Perry  
In life we go through so many changes in our jobs, family, and relationships. When we find ourselves in the unknown and facing uncertainty it can be difficult to see how God is working. Marg helps us to see that God is working in us to build our values, belief and trust in him so he can open up new opportunities in our life.
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