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Spark a missional conversation!
  Tina Waldrom  
Tina Waldrom and her panel of speakers discuss easy and practical ways to spark wise conversations that lead others closer to Christ.
Spark a BLESS movement
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares how we are called to be a BLESSING to others and how BLESS can become a habit and part of the rhythm of our life.
Spark: The Missio Dei
  Kim Hammond  
God, the Missio Dei is a sending God. Kim Hammond sparks a thought provoking message on why evangelism is not a good idea but a God idea and how He sends us to be agents of good news.
A Journey of Worship
  Andrew Hill, Esther Oakley, Andrew Naylor  
From knowledge to application, Andrew Hill and his team take us on a journey to experience God at a deeper level.
Authentic Worship
  Esther Oakley  
We can all worship God from a place of complete honesty. Esther Oakley shares a message encouraging us to be honest about what is really in our heart and to worship God from that place, safe in the knowledge that God is bigger than our circumstances.
Worship in the Wilderness
  Nataliya Osipova  
Nataliya Osipova takes us through Psalm 63, where David shows us how to survive the ‘wilderness seasons’ in our life by practising true worship.
The Best Tool A Dad Can Give
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill uses one of the Psalms of David to explain that one of the best tool a father can pass on to his children is how to live a life of worship.
Life and Death
  Joey Bonifacio  
In Genesis 2 God warned Adam and Eve that if they sinned against him, stepped away from his ways, they would surely die. Joey Bonifacio takes us through the essence of our Christianity; that through Jesus we have been saved from death.
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