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The Resurrected Life
  Susanna Koch  
The resurrection of Jesus reveals Gods love and redemption purpose for this world. A powerful message by Susanna Koch.
All For One and All For Love
  Andrew Chisholm and Shelley Ligtermoet  
Andrew Chisholm and Shelley Ligtermoet share a great message from 1 John on the greatest commandment – to love God and love others.
All For Love - Love One Another
  Godwin Shim   
Godwin Shim talks about how broken things can be blessed things when we allow God to do the mending
Mountains and Valleys
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares his heart for the church as he steps into the role of Interim Senior Minister of CityLife.
Community Impact - The Shalom of God
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond teaches on how the word Shalom is rich in meaning and reminds us of God’s heart for His Kingdom on earth.
Bearing Fruit
  Andrew Hill  
Andrew Hill explores what is required for us to see fruit in our lives and ministry; and challenges us to consider what we need to do to get it.
Cracked - Breaking Off to Grow
  Brisita Rojas  
Our prayer and fasting can often result in God wanting to take our roots deeper and to spring new life within in. However, in order to do this, some old mindsets need to be "cracked" for the new to grow. An inspiring message by Brisita Rojas.
Creating an Environment of Faith
  Susanna Koch  
Susanna Koch shares a practical and inspirational message that provides us with effective 'tools' to grow strong in our faith.
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