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Vision 2020: No Limits
  Andrew Hill  
In this message, Andrew Hill outlines the vision for CityLife Church as we enter this new era.
Raising Up The Next Generation
  Various Speakers  
Hear from our Kids, Youth and Young Adults pastors as they share God’s plans and purposes for the emerging generations; and how we all have a part to play in shaping the future of our young people, today.
Living In Expectation
  Susanna Koch  
Susanna Koch shares an inspiring message that will encourage us to live a life of expectation that brings with it hope and excitement.
Going Through Difficult Seasons in Life
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks two key principles that will help us go through a difficult season in life.
God Is With Us In Every Season
  Attila Siha  
We live and journey through seasons in life just like we experience in nature. Attila Siha shares a powerful message on Godly wisdom to navigate the seasons of life – how we can honour and see the goodness of our faithful God.
Moving From A Season Of Complacency
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
The church of Laodicea was rebuked in Revelation chapter 3 for being complacent and self-reliant. Shelley Ligtermoet encourages us to be on guard and shares ways to avoid falling into the same traps and mindsets.
  Marg Perry  
Marg Perry shares a great message on how thankfulness is a cultivated spiritual discipline, requiring reframing of our thinking and contributing to wholeness.
Love Is Here
  Andrew Hill  
Andrew Hill explores who this child is that was born on the very first Christmas.
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