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The Life of David: Portrait of a King
  U-Wen Low  
U-Wen Low explores the life of David in 1 and 2 Samuel to draw out some key ideas.
Fit, Focused and Finishing Strong
  Tim Healy  
Tim Healy shares an encouraging message on running the race of faith well and with perseverance.
Spiritual Fitness
  Andrew Chisholm  
How is your spiritual health? Andrew Chisholm takes us through a spiritual health check for effective living.
The Purpose of the Church
  Ian Green  
When we understand God's purpose for the the believer, we get to understand God's design for them. A powerful message from Ian Green.
Empowered by the Spirit to Impact Nations
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos explores the impact of partnership when Spirit-empowered people of God join hands!
Women of Faith and Courage
  Marg Perry  
We can be defined by our personal and cultural limitations or we can be empowered by the Spirit to fulfil our destiny. An inspiring message from Marg Perry and powerful stories from courageous women of faith.
Empowered by the Spirit to Impact our City
  Bree Mills  
God sends communities of disciples, empowered by his Spirit, to demonstrate and proclaim his Kingdom in our city.
Empowered by the Spirit to Share our Stories
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw shares on how the Spirit empowers us to Share our Stories.
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