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  Chris Yong  
We can all Refocus ourselves back on track in our pursuit of God. A practical message from Chris Yong.
Unfinished Business
  Tim Healy  
Tim Healy shares a powerful message in which he explores what unfinished business may look like in our lives.
Unfulfilled Dreams & Broken Promises
  Jason Smith  
There are no unfulfilled dreams or broken promises in God, just unexpected timelines and unplanned delays. A powerful message from Jason Smith.
Father's Love
  Paul Molyneux  
As we celebrate Dads this weekend, Paul Molyneux shares a message about our Loving Father.
Strengthened by the Holy Spirit
  Gurmit Gill  
Moving to the next level not only requires a fresh empowering of the Holy Spirit but also an increase in our faith, leadership and intercessory capacity. Gurmit Gill gives us principles we can apply to our lives.
The Fruit of the Spirit
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm reflects on the spiritual process of character formation.
  Jim McMillan  
Jim McMillan shares a powerful message on our calling to be confident in the Spirit and His overflow in our lives.
Hearing Supersedes Seeing
  Ted Fabiyanic  
Ted Fabiyanic explores how faith comes by hearing not by seeing. You are not disadvantaged in the realm of faith because you can hear!
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