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Generosity and Contentment
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares a powerful message on the power of generosity and how we can Love Like This.
Joyfully Content
  Paul Molyneux  
Paul Molyneux shares an inspiring message on true contentment and how we can Love Like This.
Beyond Prudishness to Holy Passion
  Allan Meyer  
Adultery is an assault on God's design and purpose for sex. In a pornified world good discipleship must include going beyond prudishness to restored holy passion. A powerful message from Allan Meyer.
The Art of Conversations
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares how we can show love the way Jesus taught in our conversations with each other.
Honouring for (Your) Life
  Clem Fung  
Sometimes it can be hard to honour people who've hurt us; but honouring is for our benefit. Clem Fung shares why and how.
Honour Your Father and Mother
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond unpacks God's design for healthy relationships with family in a personal message.
The Law of Love
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm opens our new series, Love Like This, with a powerful message on God's law of love.
Builders, Repairers and Renovators
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw explores how our Spirit inspired creativity helps us partner with God to bring our future hope to the present.
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