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This Little Light of Mine
  Sam Hearn  
Sam Hearn shares stories from the neighbourhood and reflections from the journey following Jesus, encouraging us to be the salt and light in our world.
Making Bold Moves
  Dan Lian  
The Christian life is always meant to be marked by bold faith moves. Dan Lian encourages us to move and keep on moving.
BLESS Others : Being Like Jesus
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares why we need to have a paradigm shift in evangelism; and as a church move to think and act like Jesus.
Open House
  Hugh Halter  
Hugh Halter walks through Acts 10, exposing the greatest missionary skill of sharing a meal with friends.
INSPIRE 2018 - Session 3
  Andrew Hill  
We intersect with the lives of others daily who need to see God’s goodness outworked in us. Andrew Hill shares how we can all make a difference in our sphere of influence as we go about our everyday life.
INSPIRE 2018 - Session 2
  Hugh Halter  
Hugh Halter defines discipleship as learning to live out our humanity the way Jesus lived His; and explains our call to incarnate God’s presence for others.
INSPIRE 2018 - Session 1
  Hugh Halter  
Hugh Halter explores the grand story of God’s constant missionary movement and His invitation for us to join Him.
Endurance - A Tool For Life
  Allan Meyer  
Every profession requires tools. Life is a profession. Endurance is one of the vital tools for life. Don't leave home without it. A great message by Allan Meyer.
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