At the age of 17 I accepted Jesus and I was baptised. Life was good, God was good. During my early twenties I ventured away, away to taste the trappings and desires of the world. Various addictions prospered, temptation of clubbing, trying to fit in and be cool was my desire. I continued this life of self, all along being aware of Jesus, but choosing to look away. Each and every time I fell hard, I cried out to God, but each time things improved, I selfishly looked away. Looking back I can count multiple times where God saved me, protected and looked after me. Even when I was lost in own desires, the Lord never gave up on me. Over 20 years, lost in my own self and the things of the world, I could not find peace and satisfaction. Alcohol and selfishness became my addictions, all along sending me into deeper hurt, depression, hate and bondage which I struggled with. All that time I hurt the ones who loved me most, my family, my partner and God. Jesus had a plan for me. This now I know. I fell, I struggled, but the Lord never gave up on me. He lifted me, He answered my prayers, He walked with me through my struggles and He set me free from my own chains. I now know that I was protected, nothing was due to luck or chance, but the love and grace of Jesus. I write with joyful tears surrounding my eyes, when I look forward to a new life of freedom, understanding, peace, health and joy. Every day with no condemnation, in forgiveness, knowing that the grace of Jesus has set me free. His timing is perfect, He has restored me to a person who now knows how to love others and how to love myself. My addictions to cigarettes, alcohol and others are no longer. It has been a long battle, a few times I almost gave up, but thanks to Jesus, He never did. I am here because of Him. My life restored, lost years and health regained. All things are possible through Him who gave me life - Jesus.

Posted in December 2018

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