The week before the Inspire Conference I had a terrible week. Just before leaving the house on the Friday night, my wife shared that she was excited at all the new possibilities ahead for us. I was rostered on to sing in the choir and I felt something moving in me from the moment I set foot on the stage to worship. During the message, I felt a strong stirring to take notes (which I never do) and to go up for prayer during the call.

I received prayer for both a 'child-like faith' (very insistent on this point) and to unlock the anointing in me. I also felt moved to pray for others and pray into their situations, while sharing my own testimony. On the way home, I found myself singing songs of praise to God in a loud voice, sometimes in tongues, with new songs just flowing out of me. I was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, but God wasn't done with me yet.

That night, I surrendered myself anew, asking him to use me for his purpose. I was overcome with emotion, and felt his presence all around me. The next morning, I couldn't wait to get back to Inspire and share my new breakthrough with others. I had several comments from people that God was moving in me, and they could sense it. I'm now praying for this to strengthen and grow, and I see so many possibilities to spread God's message and inspire others. Thank you Lord!

Posted in July 2016

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