We recently moved to Melbourne and were invited to CityLife by some friends. It was challenging trying to adjust to the new environment and as a result, I suffered from insomnia and anxiety. As I interacted with my friends from CityLife, I noticed there was something different about them – they were cheerful; they exude kindness as they welcomed me into their lives and homes. One of the ladies heard about my struggles and offered to pray for me. As she prayed, I suddenly felt peace and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I came home that night and in the quietness of my room, told God, “Let me be just like them, let me trust you and not go through life alone, let Your peace and joy surround me.” Life is still challenging but something within me has changed. I’ve become more gracious and gentle. I am confident and hopeful of my future as I find my strength in Him.

Posted in July 2018

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