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The Book of John - Devotion

The Book of John captures some of Jesus’ most memorable encounters with people. He met people from all walks of life, in different life circumstances and answered their unspoken questions. Jesus met people where they were – in times of change, in times of grief, in times of failure; when they were full of doubt, when they felt marginalised and when they were struggling physically. We explore the stories of people who found their lives changed forever when they encountered Jesus. Will He change yours?

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Why Should We Read God's Word?

One way to fuel your own devotion on a daily basis is through reading and meditating on God's Word. This year we will read through the New Testament, as well as the books of Psalms and Proverbs.

There is a great benefit in using a devotional format for Bible reading aimed at hearing from God daily and responding to his leading. The goal is not to just 'get through' your Bible reading but to allow God's Word to 'get in' to your heart and life, bringing about personal growth and positive change.

As you do your daily reading, consider using the following S.O.A.P devotional format:
Scripture - Write out a verse or two that speak specifically to you.
Observation - Make a note of what you observe in the text.
Application - Write out how God's Word applies to your life.
Prayer - Write out a prayer of response to what God has said.

You can do this by yourself, with your family, with some friends or as part of your Life Group. As you make your time with God and his Word the priority of your day, you will experience a fresh devotion to God and to what matters most in this life. We also have the plan available in our Mobile Apps for iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets.

Additional Resources

A few additional resources to help you get the most out of your Bible Reading: - an excellent free computer Bible program - an excellent online Bible tool with multiple translations
How to Read the Bible for All its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart
How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart
How to Choose a Translation for All its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Mark L. Strauss
Eat this Book - A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading by Eugene Peterson
The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro
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