A few months ago a career opportunity opened up for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a self-employed business owner. This opportunity came with manyfold blessings: 
1) Financial blessing - A year ago I was employed to work with a NFP organisation with reduced income, so receiving this opportunity was a huge bonus 
2) I have been reconnected with a work colleague whom I have a special connection with. She has been to church a few times and was someone I had been praying for for over 10 years. Now I get to work closely with her again and sow more seeds of faith. 
3) The work I get to do is an amazing opportunity to share God's love. One of my clients is so 'hungry' to know more about God she constantly asks me spiritual questions. One of her goals is to be 'connected with a local church'. I marvel at how God orchestrated this career path for me and I'm thankful for his guidance and sovereignty over my life, leading me to this fulfilling occupation that has taken 20 years to unfold.

Posted in November 2016

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