In 2014, I was in a destructive relationship based on dishonesty. She strung me along whilst she was looking to hook up with other people. It later became apparent that she had betrayed my trust and I felt I had been cheated on. It was definitely a low point in my life.

I immediately turned to God through prayer, worship, devotion and other followers of Christ. I knew I was unable to repair this relationship and only God knew what I was feeling and going through. I suffered silently, embarrassed about the situation but leaned heavily into God. It is my utmost belief that I was able to move past this so quickly because of God’s love and healing. My situation improved quickly and I owe it to God for the new path he has led me down. It is because of God’s grace and love that I can be where I am now; in a safe, loving and trusting relationship.

Posted in April 2015

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