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Casey Knox Manningham Whittlesea Chinese

How much will it cost?

Intro Dinner ($5) - This introductory dinner explains the alpha course and what to expect from it.

Course ($5) - This subsidised fee will cover the cost of a delightful meal. Amount is payable each meeting.

Manual ($5) - Your own personal manual to keep. Payable upon commencement of the course.

Day Retreat ($25) - Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included.

- Financial assistance can be applied for, if required.
- Many Life Groups are also running Alpha on other days and times. Email or call the church office for these other times.
- Introductory Dinner - no obligations! Each course begins with an introductory meal. You don't have to do the whole course, you can simply come check Alpha out at the introductory dinner and decide from then whether the course is what you are looking for.

Mandarin Alpha

We're excited to introduce our Mandarin-speaking community to Alpha! Invite a Mandarin speaker that you know to explore the Christian faith with you. You'll join in worship, eat dinner together with other Mandarin speakers, listen to a great talk in Mandarin on topics like 'How can I have faith?' and 'Why should I pray?' and spend time in Mandarin-speaking small groups discussing the talks and any questions you might have.


Alpha in Life Groups

We also run Alpha in Life Groups. Please email for more information.

Get Involved in Alpha

We warmly welcome volunteers at Alpha. You can assist in the kitchen, with small groups, or with the technical side of things - there are many options available.

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