Last week I was struggling a bit for food solutions for my daughter and I, so I reached out to a Facebook post from a church member for some help. And Yes, I was blessed with the help I needed and more. The next day another friend who I haven’t been in contact with for a while, dropped off bags of food right on my door step! Amazingly, I am now looking at all this fresh fruit and veggies, frozen meals, snacks and more… and yep as God always seems to do, He provided in abundance. I took what I needed from this second delivery as my fridge, freezer and cupboards were now full. I rang the lady who dropped off stuff the day before and she was able to come back and pick up what I couldn’t use. I was so blessed I wanted to give back to the community what I didn’t need. But wait… there is more to this story! The next day (day 3) my daughter’s school gave me a box of food, filled with loaves of bread, tins of tuna etc. It was at that very moment, I looked into the box and I just knew what it was I was supposed to do! Holy Spirit led – I filled up shopping bags and went for a walk in my community to bless and share the encouragement I felt. I found a gentleman and as I reached out and said to him “God Bless you mate” I started shaking from the inside out! I knew Holy Spirit was moving and started bubbling up and out, even though I was very nervous, I couldn't get the smile off my face. I really do believe from the moment I turned away having had ‘done the job’ and having God’s presence with me, in My heart I knew I wasn’t alone, because Jesus was walking with me.

Posted in August 2021

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