We Heard Jesus Could HelpJames Thompson13/07/2024
The Victorious ChristMichael Grechko22/06/2024
The Grace of GodPaul Molyneux08/06/2024
Finishing What You StartedAndrew Chisholm 25/05/2024
Presence of GodJames Thompson19/05/2024
Going Through ChangeMarg Perry18/05/2024
The Little ThingsPaulos Djini20/04/2024
Sons and Daughters of GodMegan Solomon14/04/2024
From Slaves to Sons: Our Identity In ChristMike Grechko13/04/2024
From Distraction to DevotionAnn-Marie Thomas07/04/2024
Listening To GodBen Warwick07/04/2024
When Friendship FailsClem Fung06/04/2024
HealingShelley Ligtermoet16/03/2024
Your Kingdom ComeAndrew Chisholm24/02/2024
Joining In On The SongSam Grimshaw11/02/2024
Kingdom Life and StorytellingAndrew Chisholm03/02/2024
Growing Into the Greatest CommandClem Fung06/01/2024
Wisdom with WordsAmanda Saenz03/12/2023
Walking in Wisdom: Wisdom with wordsBen Warwick19/11/2023
Proverbs: Welcoming the Way of WisdomRacquel Bisinella-Duns04/11/2023
The Unfinished TaskPaulos Djini21/10/2023
Gospel of the KingdomJames Thompson14/10/2023
Apostles Creed - The Holy Spirit & the ChurchBen Warwick17/09/2023
Apostle’s Creed - God the SonRacquel Bisinella-Duns09/09/2023
Apostle’s Creed - I Believe in God the FatherPaul Molyneux02/09/2023
People and PartnersBrisita Rojas-Ryan12/08/2023
On Track: Group Life – To Be Like ChristClem Fung05/08/2023
WayfindingAndrew Chisholm22/07/2023
Shedding The ShellRacquel Bisinella-Duns01/07/2023
On TrackPaul Molyneux10/06/2023
Justice Weekend 03/06/2023
The Joy of Joining God at WorkPaulos Djini20/05/2023
Shaped to Serve - Join the TeamGreg Baust07/05/2023
You are not aloneAndrew Chisholm08/04/2023
The Resolute and Triumphant Entry of JesusLiz Thong01/04/2023
Walking with Jesus in Every SeasonAndrew Chisholm25/02/2023
Take Another Step TogetherAndrew Chisholm11/02/2023
Our Purpose In UnityClem Fung29/10/2022
The Profound Mystery of Our Shared Life Together Andrew Chisholm15/10/2022
The God Who Sees MeHelen Molyneux01/10/2022
Spiritual Health CheckAndrew Chisholm20/08/2022
Receiving the Holy SpiritU-Wen Low31/07/2022
FULLY ALIVE – Living the VisionAndrew Chisholm16/07/2022
Justice Weekend - Reconciliation Paul Molyneux09/07/2022
Influencers - Be an Example, Have an ExampleClem Fung11/06/2022
Partnering TogetherAndrew Chisholm23/04/2022
The Path to LifeAndrew Chisholm09/04/2022
Living Victoriously – Our Mind MattersAndrew Chisholm19/03/2022
Living Victoriously - Understanding Our Spiritual AuthorityLiz Thong26/02/2022
The Next ChapterAndrew Chisholm05/02/2022
Hope at the End of Your RopeClem Fung08/01/2022
Hero Maker "Think It" Daljit Gill13/11/2021
Hero Maker: ‘See It’Julian Ham13/11/2021
Hero Maker: ‘Share It’Shelley Ligtermoet13/11/2021
Kingdom Without BordersPaulos Djini23/10/2021
Truth with Grace and LoveLiz Thong02/10/2021
Honouring for (Your) LifeClem Fung05/09/2021
Builders, Repairers and RenovatorsSam Grimshaw21/08/2021
How We CreateShelley Ligtermoet14/08/2021
Art, Artists and ArtisansAndrew Chisholm07/08/2021
Why We Create – An Overture (Casey)Kim Hammond31/07/2021
The OvertureJuliam Ham31/07/2021
The Other Side of the Story: David vs GoliathShelley Ligtermoet10/07/2021
Ready to Run and Willing to WaitAndrew Chisholm26/06/2021
Encourage Yourself in the Lord (Casey)Paulos Djini26/06/2021
Life of David - Anointed but Not AppointedGodwin Shim19/06/2021
Spiritual FitnessAndrew Chisholm29/05/2021
Spiritual FitnessAndrew Chisholm29/05/2021
Empowered by the Spirit to Impact NationsPaulos Djini15/05/2021
What Does it Cost?Andrew Chisholm10/04/2021
3 Days that Changed the World (Casey)Paulos Djini03/04/2021
The Servant KingAndrew Chisholm03/04/2021
Palm SundayShelley Ligtermoet27/03/2021
U-Turn - Renewal (Casey)Paulos Djini20/03/2021
U-Turn: Prayer and Fasting (Casey)Barby Bateman13/03/2021
Repentance (Casey)Amanda Saenz07/03/2021
U-TURN: RepentanceAndrew Chisholm06/03/2021
Powerful Prayers for Supernatural ResultsLiz Thong27/02/2021
TO BE CreativeAndrew Chisholm06/02/2021
Making Room For HonourAndrew Chisholm21/11/2020
Let's Talk About Generation ZShelley Ligtermoet07/11/2020
Reimagining MissionsPaulos Djini24/10/2020
Community ImpactMarg Perry10/10/2020
A Dangerous Moment in FatheringAllan Meyer05/09/2020
Joy - Psalm 126Liz Thong 29/08/2020
Where Does My Help Come FromBrisita Rojas08/08/2020
Repentance - Psalm 120Andrew Chisholm01/08/2020
God OpportunitiesFrank Damazio04/07/2020
Seeing your Obstacles as OpportunitiesShelley Ligtermoet13/06/2020
Empowered by the SpiritGurmit Gill30/05/2020
You Are my WitnessesPaulos Djini23/05/2020
Waiting on God to Work with GodAndrew Chisholm16/05/2020
The King & IBrisita Rojas02/05/2020
What Remains : FellowshipAndrew Chisholm18/04/2020
At The TableAndrew Chisholm11/04/2020
What Remains in Times of ChangeAndrew Chisholm28/03/2020
Battles: Understanding the Enemy's TacticsGodwin Shim29/02/2020
Psalm 23 - God's Got The RestBrisita Rojas11/01/2020
“But I Say to You…” Living the Sermon on the MountAndrew Chisholm & Tina Waldrom10/08/2019
Vison Renewed:Next StepsAndrew Chisholm28/07/2019
Super Ordinary HeroesMarkus and Susanna Koch 18/05/2019
All for One & All for LoveAndrew Chisholm & Paulos Djini 19/04/2019
Seeds Series - Planting Seeds of Faith through PrayerAndrew Chisholm & Brisita Rojas02/03/2019
Kindness - Is God Kind?Andrew Hill03/11/2018
#NoLimits@Lion-ChasersMarg Perry27/10/2018
Encountering Jesus: From Failure to Restoration. The Story of PeterAndrew Hill29/09/2018
Encountering Jesus: Is Jesus Trustworthy? The Story of ThomasAndrew Chisholm08/09/2018
Endurance - A Tool For LifeAllan Meyer14/07/2018
Crossing Over Into a 'No Limits' FutureGreg Baust07/07/2018
Family Values: The Spirit of GenerosityJason Smith23/06/2018
Family Values: Posture of PatiencePaul Molyneux16/06/2018
Family Values: Discipline - The Power of Your WordsSusanna Koch26/05/2018
Family Values:Faithfulness-Building Relationships That LastMarkus Koch19/05/2018
Breaking Limitations - Handling FailuresGurmit Gill24/03/2018
21 Days Prayer & Fasting - Breaking LimitationsNataliya Osipova03/03/2018
Vision 2020 - Create & InfluenceAndrew Hill24/02/2018
Vision 2020 - Encounter & DevelopAndrew Hill17/02/2018
Vision 2020Andrew Hill10/02/2018
ComplacencyShelley Ligtermoet06/01/2018
Authentic WorshipEsther Oakley16/09/2017
Worship in the WildernessNataliya Osipova09/09/2017
TogetherAndrew Hill12/08/2017
God's Will Is ...Godwin Shim22/07/2017
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Power for LivingLynn Moresi17/06/2017
Shared LivesGodwin Shim03/06/2017
Redefining DiscipleshipPaulos Djini22/04/2017
Fasting for our future – Community EngagementAndrew Hill18/03/2017
Fasting for our future – The Next GenerationAndrew Hill11/03/2017
The Power of Prayer & FastingGurmit Gill04/03/2017
Stepping Into New ThingsGurmit Gill04/02/2017
Omega – How Will It All End?Mark Conner19/11/2016
God’s Plan for You Mark Conner12/11/2016
You Never Know - Sowing Our SeedsSusanna Koch30/10/2016
A Church UnitedMark Conner08/10/2016
I AM the VineMark Conner10/09/2016
I AM the Way, the Truth, the LifeMark Conner20/08/2016
Christian KryptoniteEdward Alexander10/07/2016
Money TalkMark Conner09/07/2016
Jesus' Final WordsGodwin Shim25/06/2016
Living a Life of GratitudeMark Conner18/06/2016
Stories of Jesus Transforming People’s LivesMark Conner09/06/2016
The One Thing You Lack – The Story of the Rich Young RulerKim Hammond14/05/2016
Jesus and His MotherMark Conner07/05/2016
Jesus and the Outsiders: Taking another look at the Parable of the Lost SheepAndrew Chisholm16/04/2016
Courage Under FireMarkus Koch03/04/2016
Stories Around the Cross - The DenialMark Conner19/03/2016
Stories Around the Cross - The BetrayalAndrew Chisholm13/03/2016
Stories Around the Cross - The SupperMark Conner05/03/2016
Jesus THE Transformer - ConnectMark Conner20/02/2016
Jesus THE Transformer - EngageKim Hammond13/02/2016
Jesus THE TransformerMark Conner06/02/2016
HOME - ServeMark Conner14/11/2015
HOME - The Jesus MissionAndrew Chisholm07/11/2015
HOME - Spiritual WarfareGodwin Shim31/10/2015
When the Spirit Comes, the Church GoesJoakim Lundqvist24/10/2015
HOME - Power of PrayerGurmit Gill03/10/2015
Mars Hill - The MarketplaceMark Conner15/08/2015
Mars Hill - How to See and Begin to Reach your own Mars HillKim Hammond08/08/2015
In-CourageAndrew Robinson20/06/2015
Courage (World Impact Week)Mark Conner25/04/2015
Questions in the DesertNicole Conner 28/03/2015
Baptism in the Holy Spirit & the Gift of Speaking in TonguesLynn Moresi14/02/2015
Vision Weekend 2015Mark Conner07/02/2015
When Families Break DownMark Conner09/08/2014
Re-Thinking Family (Modern Family Pt.1)Mark Conner 19/07/2014
PentecostMark Conner14/06/2014
BreatheMark Conner31/05/2014
Storyline: Understanding Your StoryMark Conner24/05/2014
Jesus is ALIVEMark Conner19/04/2014
Inspiring Our Missional ImaginationAndrew Chisholm09/03/2014
Your Story God's Story (Vision Weekend)Mark Conner15/02/2014
Body Soul Spirit – Balanced LivingMark Conner01/02/2014
Influencer #2 – The HOW of Influence…… How becoming a coach can position you for great influenceKaren Naylor19/10/2013
Influencer #1 - You Can LeadMark Conner12/10/2013
ORIGINS - Never Again (Genesis 6-9)Mark Conner17/08/2013
ORIGINS - CreationMark Conner20/07/2013
ORIGINS - GenesisMark Conner13/07/2013
Freedom in ChristMark Conner22/06/2013
HealingMark Conner08/06/2013
Modern Family Part 3 - SinglenessMark Conner18/05/2013
Modern Family Part 2 - ParentingMark Conner11/05/2013
Modern Family Part 1 - MarriageMark Conner04/05/2013
Your Work, God’s Work - Part 2Mark Conner13/04/2013
Your Work, God’s Work - Part 1Mark Conner06/04/2013
ShareMark Conner09/03/2013
Vision Weekend 2013Mark Conner16/02/2013
Your Friend, the Holy SpiritMark Conner08/09/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 11 - Parable of the Sheep and the GoatsMark Conner25/08/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 10 - The Value of Treasure and PearlPaul Molyneux18/08/2012
Experiencing GodMark Conner21/07/2012
What's It All About? The Core Message of CommunionAndrew Chisholm15/07/2012
The Blessings of GenerosityMark Conner08/07/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 9 - The Parable of the Vineyard WorkersMark Conner17/06/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 8 - The Unforgiving ServantBrenda Turner10/06/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 7 - The Parable of the Wheat and the WeedsMark Conner02/06/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 6 - The Rich FoolPaul Molyneux26/05/2012
Always Pray and Do Not Lose HeartGurmit Gill19/05/2012
Getting to Know Holy SpiritLynn Moresi05/05/2012
Complaining or ParticipatingAndrew Chisholm21/04/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 5 - The Good SamaritanKaren Naylor24/03/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 4 - Two BuildersPaul Molyneux17/03/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 3 - The Ten BridesmaidsJoe Liow11/03/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 2 - Sower & The SeedLynn Moresi03/03/2012
Kingdom Stories Part 1 - IntroductionMark Conner25/02/2012
Vision Weekend 2012Mark Conner18/02/2012
GROW Part 1Mark Conner26/11/2011
Reflections on the Parable of the TalentsMark Conner22/10/2011
Discover Part 3 - Positioned to ServeGurmit Gill24/09/2011
Discover Part 2 - The Soul of a ServantPaul Molyneux18/09/2011
Discover Part 1 - IntroductionMark Conner10/09/2011
LOVE Part 7 – Visible LoveMark Conner30/08/2011
LOVE Part 6 – Tough LoveMark Conner20/08/2011
LOVE Part 5 – Awkward LoveMark Conner13/08/2011
LOVE Part 4 – CommunicationBrenda Turner07/08/2011
LOVE Part 3 - Friendships & RelationshipsPaul Molyneux30/07/2011
LOVE Part 2 – I am LovedMark Conner23/07/2011
LOVE Part 1 – Original LoveMark Conner16/07/2011
Wisdom to chooseAndrew Chisolm03/07/2011
GO Part 5 - Unexpected AdventuresPaul Molyneux18/06/2011
GO Part 4 - Eating with SinnersLynn Moresi11/06/2011
GO Part 3 - What is the "Gospel"?Mark Conner04/06/2011
GO Part 2 - A Coffee Cup, a Pair of Goggles and MeTina Waldrom29/05/2011
GO Part 2 - Everyday Mission for Everyday PeopleDebra Hirsch28/05/2011
GO Part 1 - THE MissionAndrew Chisolm & Mark Conner14/05/2011
Surrender Part 7 - WorshipPaul Molyneux 02/04/2011
Surrender Part 6 - The Discipline of DyingNicole Conner 26/03/2011
Surrender Part 5 - ObeyMark Conner 19/03/2011
Surrender Part 4 - AbideLynn Moresi12/03/2011
Surrender Part 3 - Believing & SeeingAndrew Chisholm05/03/2011
Surrender Part 2 – FollowPaul Molyneux 26/02/2011
Surrender Part 1 – ComeMark Conner19/02/2011
Vision Weekend – FOCUS 2011Mark Conner12/02/2011
Ancient Practices (Part 6) - The Sacred MealMark Conner13/11/2010
Ancient Practices (Part 5) - SabbathDarren Poke06/11/2010
Ancient Practices (Part 4) - PilgrimageNicole Conner30/10/2010
Ancient Practice (Part 3) - FastingPaul Molyneux23/10/2010
Ancient Practices (Part 2) - Constant PrayerGurmit Gill16/10/2010
Ancient Practices (Part 1) - Ancient PathsMark Conner09/10/2010
Generosity is GoodAndrew Chisolm25/09/2010
Lazarus at the GateNicole Conner19/09/2010
Bringing Eternity to OthersTina Waldrom11/09/2010
Reflections on FatherhoodMark Conner04/09/2010
Colossians (Part 6) - When the Rubber Hits the RoadHelen Molyneux29/08/2010
Colossians (Part 5) - Living Your New Life In ChristMark Conner21/08/2010
Colossians (Part 4) - Subverting The Empire - Colossians 2:6-23Paul Molyneux15/08/2010
Colossians (Part 3) - What Have We Gotten Into – And What’s Gotten Into Us?Karen Naylor07/08/2010
Colossians (Part 2) - The Power of a Subversive PoemNicole Conner31/07/2010
Colossians (Part 1) - Subverting the Empire - IntroductionNicole Conner24/07/2010
WorshipAndrew Naylor26/06/2010
He Is Not Here - He Is RisenNicole Conner05/06/2010
Simple Life (Part 5) - RelationshipsNicole Conner08/05/2010
Simple Life (Part 4) - GodMark Conner01/05/2010
Simple Life (Part 3) - MoneyMark Conner24/04/2010
Simple Life (Part 2) - TimeMarcus Richardson18/04/2010
Simple Life (Part 1) - IntroductionPaul Molyneux10/04/2010
Holy Spirit (Part 2) - HealingMark Conner20/03/2010
Holy Spirit (Part 1) - BaptismMark Conner13/03/2010
Church Vision (Part 3) - ContributeMark Conner 27/02/2010
Church Vision (Part 2) - ConnectGurmit Gill20/02/2010
Church Vision (Part 1) - Celebrate Mark Conner13/02/2010
Visions of the Future (Part 2) - Revelation Nicole Conner12/12/2009
Visions of the Future (Part 1) - Jesus and His Church Mark Conner05/12/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 7 (Ephesians 6:10-18) Dan Lian28/11/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 6 (Ephesians 6:1-4) Nicole Conner21/11/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 5 (Ephesians 5:15-33) Mark Conner14/11/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 4 (Ephesians 4:17-5:20) Mark Conner08/11/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 3 (Ephesians 4:1-16) Paul Molyneux01/11/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 2 (Ephesians 2:11-3:21 & 4:7-16) Brian Birkett25/10/2009
Life Together in Christ - Part 1 (Ephesians 1:1-2:10) Mark Conner17/10/2009
Sermon on the Mount (Part 5): Spiritual Exercises Mark Conner12/09/2009
Sermon on the Mount (Part 4): A Model Prayer Mark Conner05/09/2009
Sermon on the Mount (Part 3): How to Get Along with Anybody Mark Conner23/08/2009
Sermon on the Mount (Part 2): The Beatitudes Mark Conner08/08/2009
Sermon on the Mount (Introduction) Paul Molyneux01/08/2009
Nehemiah - Leading with Significance Marcus Koch24/07/2009
Conversations at Mars Hill (Part 2) - The Journey Brian Birkett18/07/2009
Conversations at Mars Hill (Part 1) - The Search Nicole Conner11/07/2009
Living in Babylon (Part 2) - Walking in Integrity Paul Molyneux13/06/2009
Living in Babylon (Part 1) - Excel at Your Work Mark Conner06/06/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 3 (Money Wise) Mark Conner17/05/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 3 (A Cut Above Life) Gurmit Gill16/05/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 2 Brian Birkett10/05/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 2 Paul Molyneux09/05/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 1 Dan Lian03/05/2009
Wisdom for Life - Part 1 Marcus Richardson02/05/2009
Law and Grace Mark Conner with Kevin Conner25/04/2009
The Good News of Grace Mark Conner12/04/2009
Re-Imagining Church (Part 4) Mark Conner28/02/2009
Re-Imagining Church (Part 3) Mark Conner21/02/2009
Re-Imagining Church (Part 2) Mark Conner14/02/2009
Re-Imagining Church (Part 1) Mark Conner07/02/2009
LAMENTATIONS The Problem of Crisis When There Seems No Happy Ending Nicole Conner22/11/2008
God's Heart for the Poor Mark Conner25/10/2008
Prophets and Prophecy Gurmit Gill21/10/2008
Prophets and Prophecy 2Paul Molyneux20/10/2008
The Church: God's DREAM Team Mark Conner13/09/2008
ReGroup: Leadership Explained Mark Conner16/08/2008
REGROUP - A Culture Craving Relationships Gurmit Gill02/08/2008
Refuel - Part 2 Mark & Nicole Conner26/07/2008
Refuel - Part 1 Mark Conner19/07/2008
Work and Worship Paul Molyneux05/07/2008
Still Deadly: GreedPaul Molyneux22/06/2008
Still Deadly: LustMark Conner14/06/2008
Still Deadly: Envy Lynn Moresi06/06/2008
Still Deadly: Sloth Gurmit Gill01/06/2008
Still Deadly: Sloth Nicole Conner31/05/2008
Still Deadly: Anger Helen Molyneux11/05/2008
Leadership Lessons from King David Mark Conner01/05/2008
Still Deadly: PrideMarkus Richardson27/04/2008
Still Deadly: Ancient Cures for the 7 Deadly Sins Mark Conner19/04/2008
Is God a Delusion? Mark and Nicole Conner22/03/2008
FOCUS 3: Evangelism Lynn Moresi23/02/2008
FOCUS 3 – Generous Giving Mark Conner16/02/2008
FOCUS 3 - PRAYER Gurmit Gill10/02/2008
Vision Weekend 2008 - The Church that I See Mark Conner02/02/2008
A Prophetic Message for CityLife ChurchMark Conner13/10/2007
The Quest for God (Part 3 - Things God Hates) Brenda Turner30/09/2007
The Quest for God (Part 3 - Things God Hates) Dan Lian30/09/2007
The Quest for God (Part 3 - Things God Hates) Paul Molyneux29/09/2007
The Quest for God (Part 2 - Things God Loves) Paul Molyneux23/09/2007
Freedom From Stress Dan Lian21/09/2007
The Quest for God (Part 1 - Friendship with God) Mark Conner15/09/2007
What Would Jesus Say to Homer Simpson? Mark Conner01/09/2007
Freedom From Jealousy Lynn Moresi22/07/2007
Freedom From Rejection Mark Conner15/07/2007
Freedom From Worry Mark Conner08/07/2007
Freedom From Addiction Mark Conner07/07/2007
Freedom from Anger Paul Molyneux23/06/2007
Prison Break - Freedom from Failure Gurmit Gill17/06/2007
Prison Break - Freedom from Depression Mark Conner16/06/2007
Prison Break Series Introduction Mark Conner09/06/2007
Living Beyond Myself Paul Molyneux26/05/2007
Living Beyond Myself - Mission Possible Paul Molyneux19/05/2007
Lazarus at the Gate Nicole Conner05/05/2007
World Impact Week 2007 Mark Conner21/04/2007
God's Story, Their Story, My Story - Part 2 Tina Waldrom31/03/2007
God's Story, Their Story, My Story - Part 1 Paul Molyneux24/03/2007
Created for Community - Part 4 Daljit Gill17/03/2007
Created for Community - Part 2 Mark Conner03/03/2007
Created for Community - Part 1 Mark Conner24/02/2007
Vision 2007: Increasing Your ImpactMark Conner17/02/2007
Fervent Followers of Jesus Christ Mark Conner03/02/2007
Peace on EarthMark Conner23/12/2006
Fit for Life - Part 3 Mark Conner25/11/2006
Fit for Life - Part 2 Mark Conner18/11/2006
Fit for Life - Part 1 Mark Conner11/11/2006
How to Live a Life of Significance Part 2 - A 'Triple A' Life Paul Molyneux28/10/2006
How to Live a Life of Significance Mark Conner21/10/2006
A Message for CityLife ChurchMark Conner07/10/2006
Living A Radical Life of Purpose Nicole Conner09/09/2006
Conversations & Evangelism - Part 1Tina Waldrom01/09/2006
Conversations & Evangelism - Part 2Tina Waldrom01/09/2006
Conversations & Evangelism - Part 3 Tina Waldrom01/09/2006
How to Experience Spiritual Freedom Mark Conner19/08/2006
Healing Mark Conner22/07/2006
Freedom From Fear Nicole Conner24/06/2006
Your Personal Money Makeover - Pt.2 Mark Conner10/06/2006
Your Personal Money Makeover - Pt.1 Mark Conner03/06/2006
Dynamic Church Gatherings Mark Conner20/05/2006
Grace - It's Still Amazing! Mark Conner15/04/2006
The Power of the Cross Mark Conner14/04/2006
Psalm 9 Mark Conner01/04/2006
Psalm 3 Mark Conner26/03/2006
Psalm 1 Paul Molyneux25/03/2006
Reaching the Unchurched Next Door - Pt. 4 Tina Waldrom04/03/2006
Reaching the Unchurched Next Door - Pt. 3 Tina Waldrom25/02/2006
Reaching the Unchurched Next Door - Pt. 2 Tina Waldrom18/02/2006
Reaching the Unchurched Next Door - Pt. 1 Mark Conner11/02/2006
Vision Weekend – 2006 Mark Conner04/02/2006
Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Mark Conner26/11/2005
The Ephesus Experience Mark Conner11/10/2003
The Pioneer Spirit Mark Conner02/08/2003
Igniting Your Spiritual Passion Mark Conner19/07/2003
The Purpose Driven Life Mark Conner12/07/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.6)Mark Conner15/03/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.5) Mark Conner08/03/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.4)Mark Conner01/03/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.3) Mark Conner22/02/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.2) Mark Conner15/02/2003
A Portrait of a Fervent Follower (Pt.1) Mark Conner08/02/2003
What Kind of Church Do You Want? Mark Conner01/10/2002
The Sabbath Principle Mark Conner28/09/2002
Who I Am In Christ Mark Conner24/08/2002
How Do I Renew My Mind? Nicole Conner10/08/2002
Obstacles to Renewing the Mind Peter Nash03/08/2002
The Transformation of PeterMark Conner19/07/2002
The Power of Desperation Mark Conner14/07/2002
The Miracle of Giving Mark Conner01/06/2002
Great Faith! Mark Conner20/05/2002
Relationships (Th)at work Markus Koch01/05/2002
We're a Family (Pt.2): Better Conflict Resolution - Which Animal are You? Mark Conner20/03/2002
We're A Family (Pt.1): How to be a Great Life Group Member Mark Conner13/03/2002
Vision 2002 Mark Conner02/02/2002
Welcome to Our House Mark Conner01/02/2002
When is Enough Enough? Mark Conner13/10/2001
Cost of Discipleship Nicole Conner21/09/2001
The Heart of a True Disciple Mark Conner22/04/2001
Transforming Life's Contradictions: The Divine Exchange David McCracken04/04/2001
Showdown in The DesertMark Conner10/03/2001
Preparing to Impact Your WorldMark Conner03/03/2001
Holy Spirit Revival Mark Conner01/01/2001
Becoming a Contagious ChristianMark Conner23/07/2000
Getting to Know GodMark Conner05/02/2000
Living a Purpose-Driven LifeMark Conner23/01/2000
Introduction to MissionsTeaching Team01/01/2000
Don't Quit!Teaching Team01/01/2000
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