I was a gambling addict. I knew it was not good, it impacted my family but I just couldn’t help it.  I was filled with guilt and regret. My family had tried every means to help me but in vain. Actually I had severe depression but I refused to see the doctor. I was living in misery and even wanted to end my life. I had hatred in my heart: I hated everybody around me and hated to return home. Once I locked myself in the casino for 4 days and 3 nights. I thought I could forget all the sorrows, but I couldn’t. I fell into total darkness. One day, out of desperation, I called my sister-in-law who is a Christian. She told me that Jesus was my only hope. Only God can help me.

I remember my first visit to church, I felt a sense of peace that I had never felt before. I liken myself to a small boat without a direction in an ocean. But CityLife has become a harbour, a warm refuge. I have found my life direction. My gambling addiction is now completely gone! I am part of a Life Group, serving happily in this family of God. I will continue to love the Lord for what He has done!

Posted in November 2019

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