"During our first lockdown I started walking, well what else can you do, right? People were friendly and I felt a good sense of community. This second lockdown that changed. Everybody's wearing masks and rushing past. Nobody looks you in the eye, each person in their own world. I feel more isolated than ever. So I started to pray about this, Lord how can I make a difference right now?

So here it is, my big outreach. I started waving to the people I passed. (You guessed it, not an extrovert.) That first day I got a wave back and I thought somebody noticed, it was worth my effort. In a few days I started to say g'day as I waved. One word, that's all. Twice in these weeks someone has responded with a short chat, at a distance of course. So as I went my way I said a prayer for them. I remember them. Now it's become a pattern in my walk, I wave and say g'day.

A man I have seen on the bus for years but never spoken to, he greeted me one day like a long-lost friend - do you keep well, is your family ok? This is my community right now. People are starting to respond, I have regulars I look out for. Not much talk but let me tell you, from my point of view it's becoming a prayer walk.

One day our masks will come down, I will be able to smile with folks, maybe strike up a conversation now and then. But right now I want people to know "I see you, I acknowledge you". Maybe they don't feel so alone? I don't need my mobile phone while I walk. Even if it means nothing to anyone else, these walks have changed my attitude, my walk with God.

Posted in October 2020

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