Our CityLife Community Care Energy Mentor recently met with a new client who was experiencing significant stress from her overdue utility bills. As she sat with the mentor with her utility bills in front of her, she hung her head low and spoke very quietly with tear-filled eyes. She explained that as her rent continued to rise, she was struggling to pay her utility bills, which lead to her turning off her lights and heating at night, and she even started to wash herself in collected rainwater in attempt to save costs. Her electricity, gas and water bills were all overdue. Over the course of 2 meetings and a couple of follow-up phone calls in between, the Energy Mentor was able to review her utility accounts. They discovered that the client’s concession entitlements had not been applied and some charges were based on estimated reads, rather than actuals (which were lower). They were also able to apply for a Utility Relief Grant for all three utilities, which were all approved! These adjustments had cleared all of her debts, and she was thrilled! By the end of the second meeting, the client was much brighter and said she felt hopeful for her future. She smiled and shared that she was certainly enjoying warm showers and having the heat on again!

Posted in June 2024

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