I just want to praise my God that He gives words of encouragement through my sisters at Life Group. I have been very misunderstood by family members and have been having many hurtful words and verbal abuse being said to me. That day at Life Group, the leader said she had a word for someone... "Are you listening to the words of what others say about you or the words that I say about you. Take your shield and lift it high to stop those arrows." I knew this word was for me and I was very encouraged. We also had a new lady at our group who I had never met before. As I was about to go, she stood and said to me, "You are the best mother." These words were the words I needed to hear from a daughter who was unable to say them. God knew I needed to hear those words and spoke into my sisters without them knowing of my situation. Thank You Father God that You care about me and catch my every tear in Your wine skin.

Posted in August 2019

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