Whether you’re exploring Christianity or are a committed Christ-follower, equip yourself in your spiritual journey by choosing from a variety of courses designed to help you grow.

  Mon 2 Aug (7:30pm)
Are you a Better Husband; Better Father; Better Christian?

  Tue 3 Aug (7pm)
Explore ways to connect with God and grow in relationship with Him.

  Wed 4 Aug (7pm)
Sharing your Faith naturally in conversations

  Sat 28 Aug (9am)
Explore how we can partner with God to bring greater clarity and understanding to the God pictures we might see.

  Sat 28 Aug (9am)
Living Ephesians in the 21st Century.

  Sat 28 Aug (9am)
Track 3 of our Life Development and Leadership course will help you grow your inner strength. This course addresses personal and spiritual issues and provides you with strategies to handle emotions, relationships and life-contradictions to find freedom in Christ.

  Sat 28 Aug (9am)
Track 5 of our Life Development and Leadership course is about Empowering your team to grow and multiply. It trains leaders in skills that can creatively empower a small group to make disciples, reach out and multiply.

  Sat 28 Aug (9am)
Track 4 of our Life Development and Leadership course provides key tools and approaches to prepare partners of CityLife Church for confident leadership.

  Sat 28 Aug (10am)
This course provides an in-depth understanding of CityLife Church's mission, values, vision, statement of faith, structure and governance model.

  Sat 28 Aug (10am)
Track 1 of our Life Development and Leadership course explains the beliefs that make up the foundation of our Christian faith.

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