I was born into a Christian home and taken to church every Sunday since I can remember from a very young age and was taught about God's love for all of us. When I was in grade 3, I was bullied in school and as was my sister. We both then moved schools but the bullying continued. This was my life for many years. Together with some issues at home, it soon affected my mental health and I developed depression and started to have suicidal thoughts. Then I remembered the many lessons learnt at kids church on trusting God, and so I said to myself to trust that God has a plan for me to have a better life and so I need to just hold on and be patient. Soon I began to see some changes. I once again moved schools but this time I was accepted and made friends rather than find more bullies; and family issues started to resolve. I have now been depression free for more than 7 years and I have not had a single suicidal thought; and I am doing well in university. If God had not brought to mind what I had learnt at kids church or I had never attended, I doubt I would be here today having the hope and vision of such a bright future.

Posted in September 2018

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