At CityLife Church you can expect a friendly and welcoming environment. The contemporary music inspires worship and the messages are relevant and practical. We also make use of artistic and creative communication, such as stage design, dramas, song items, and video. Our services are held in an auditorium which seats up to 2,000 people and we cater for adults of all ages. Facilities include a parents' lounge for families with babies and young children. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you personally.

Andrew Hill
Senior Minister

Daljit Gill
Service Pastor - Saturday

Gurmit Gill
Service Pastor - Sunday
Service Times
Sat 4pm, 6pm
Sun 9am, 11:15am
Location & Office
1248 High Street Road
Wantirna South, VIC 3152

Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm
Kids Church
During the service your children are welcome to join our kids church, where they will learn about Jesus in a fun, safe and interactive environment.

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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 140
Vermont, VIC 3133
  Fri 20 Oct (9:30am)
Our playgroups are a fun place for your pre-schooler (aged six months to four years) to learn through play. Meet other parents and enjoy the community atmosphere. A full list of playgroups is available online.

  Fri 20 Oct (7pm)
Get connected and hang out with friends, new and old, in small groups where you can: journey with other high-school-aged young people, ask questions or talk about God, the Bible, life, but most importantly, be yourself. Everyone is welcome, so bring them along.

  Sat 21 Oct (8am)
Trax 3 of our Life Development and Leadership course will help you grow your inner strength. This course addresses personal and spiritual issues and provides you with strategies to handle emotions, relationships and life-contradictions to find freedom in Christ.

  Sat 21 Oct (9am)
Trax 4 of our Life Development and Leadership course provides key tools and approaches to prepare partners of CityLife Church for confident leadership.

  Sat 21 Oct (9am)
Trax 1 of our Life Development and Leadership course explains the beliefs that make up the foundation of our Christian faith.

  Sat 21 Oct (9am)
Trax 2 of our Life Development and Leadership course This course provides an in-depth understanding of CityLife Church's mission, values, vision, statement of faith, structure and governance model.

  Sat 21 Oct (4pm & 6pm) / Sun 22 Oct (9am & 11:15am)
This weekend, we will be focusing on discipling the nations and how we, as a church community, are impacting nations. You will also have the opportunity to purchase gifts and food dishes from around the world at our World Impact Bazaar.

  Sat 21 Oct (6pm)
TASK Force training sessions are for our aspiring Kids leaders in years 7 and 8. Each session involves practical training in how to be a leader in God's kingdom.Session 8: What does a servant have to do with leading?

  Mon 23 Oct (9:30am)
Our playgroups are a fun place for your pre-schooler (aged six months to four years) to learn through play. Meet other parents and enjoy the community atmosphere. A full list of playgroups is available online.

  Mon 23 Oct (7pm)
Do you have questions about life, like ‘Does God exist?” or “Who is Jesus?”. Alpha explores the basics of Christian faith over eight weeks. To start we share a meal together, then watch a short talk before we break into small groups to discuss the topic and any questions you may have. Everyone is welcome.

  Thu 26 Oct (7pm)
We will be dedicating the new church and community facilities to the Lord. You will have an opportunity to have a look through the new areas from 7-7.30pm and then from 7.30pm onwards we will have prayer in various rooms and hear from Andrew Hill and Mark Conner. This will be followed by a light supper.

Stories of Transformation

Since our beginning in 1967, the story of CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve heard many stories of transformation of the years - read some of the stories that have been happening in CityLife, and consider sharing your story too.

The Story Building Project

Buildings Don't Change People's Lives but What Happens in Them Can and Does.

Last year we began another major step in the master plan for our Knox site. We are calling this 'The Story Building Project' and it includes a new Community Centre, a more welcoming church entrance, a more spacious and inviting foyer, a new cafe and children's play area, upgraded and new children's ministry rooms, additional meeting rooms and car parking. During the year we completed the carpark and raised $2.1 Million towards the project. We also completed more detailed planning and consultation with our ministry leaders about the facilities to be provided.

Since our early beginnings in 1967, under the leadership of our founding pastor, Richard Holland, CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. What a great heritage we have with so many stories of God at work over many decades of fruitful ministry!

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Recent Messages

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Spark a missional conversation!
  Tina Waldrom  
Tina Waldrom and her panel of speakers discuss easy and practical ways to spark wise conversations that lead others closer to Christ.
Spark a BLESS movement
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares how we are called to be a BLESSING to others and how BLESS can become a habit and part of the rhythm of our life.
Spark: The Missio Dei
  Kim Hammond  
God, the Missio Dei is a sending God. Kim Hammond sparks a thought provoking message on why evangelism is not a good idea but a God idea and how He sends us to be agents of good news.
A Journey of Worship
  Andrew Hill, Esther Oakley, Andrew Naylor  
From knowledge to application, Andrew Hill and his team take us on a journey to experience God at a deeper level.
Authentic Worship
  Esther Oakley  
We can all worship God from a place of complete honesty. Esther Oakley shares a message encouraging us to be honest about what is really in our heart and to worship God from that place, safe in the knowledge that God is bigger than our circumstances.
Worship in the Wilderness
  Nataliya Osipova  
Nataliya Osipova takes us through Psalm 63, where David shows us how to survive the ‘wilderness seasons’ in our life by practising true worship.
The Best Tool A Dad Can Give
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill uses one of the Psalms of David to explain that one of the best tool a father can pass on to his children is how to live a life of worship.
Life and Death
  Joey Bonifacio  
In Genesis 2 God warned Adam and Eve that if they sinned against him, stepped away from his ways, they would surely die. Joey Bonifacio takes us through the essence of our Christianity; that through Jesus we have been saved from death.

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CityLife Kids ministry is available at CityLife Church Knox. We treasure each child and are committed to provide a safe, fun and exciting environment for them to learn about God. Our aim is to not only impact the children in our congregation, but also those in our community, building them up in their identity in Christ.

Our Kids Church have customised programs in individual rooms:
Preschool 1
Preschool 2
Preschool 3
Preschool 4
Primary Prep-1
Primary 2-3
Primary 4-5
Primary 6

Our desire is to have our children join us right from when their programs commence, at the start of each service for Preschool 3 through to Primary 6 rooms. Preschool 1 & 2 rooms are opened during the greeting time of the church service. All our programs finish at the end of the church service. During school holidays we may offer shorter programs, which can be confirmed via our events calendar.

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Connectus Cafe

Marquee Area / CityLife Church Knox
Wed to Fri 8.30am–3pm / Sat 2pm–8.30pm / Sun 8am–2.30pm

Connecting people through food. Amazing ambience, brilliant coffee and creative menu choices created by Chef Terry Tang.

Get Involved

Church is not a place we go to. It is a HOME we belong to. Like a family, we share life together and contribute using our talents, gifts and finances. When we connect with those around us and engage our gifts, we become part of a bigger community of people, all working together, taking part in what God is doing. How can you get involved?

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