At CityLife Church you can expect a friendly and welcoming environment. The contemporary music inspires worship and the messages are relevant and practical. We also make use of artistic and creative communication, such as stage design, dramas, song items, and video. Our services are held in an auditorium which seats up to 2,000 people and we cater for adults of all ages. Facilities include a parents' lounge for families with babies and young children. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you personally.

Andrew Chisholm
Senior Minister

Shelley Ligtermoet
Service Pastor - Saturday

Daljit Gill
Service Pastor - Sunday

Louis Lou
Lead Pastor - Chinese Church (Mandarin)

Ken Loy
Pastor - Chinese Church (Cantonese)
Location & Office
1248 High Street Road
Wantirna South, VIC 3152

Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm
Kids Church
During the service your children are welcome to join our kids church, where they will learn about Jesus in a fun, safe and interactive environment.

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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 140
Vermont, VIC 3133
  Groups meet online at various times
Every day, someone in our community is meeting with their Life Group online

  All Day
On the first Thursday of every month, we will be fasting and praying together for our church and community.

  Thu 6 Aug (7:30pm)
A night of prayer and worship on Zoom

  Fri 7 Aug (7:30pm)
'Taking up your Cross'

  Sat 8 Aug (5pm)
Join us at one of our ‘CityLife Church At Home’ services as we re-imagine how we stay connected and do church together. Citylife Kids is online! Kids Connect is filled with weekly videos, lessons, craft and activities for both Preschool and Primary kids. All are welcome!

  Sun 9 Aug (9am & 11am)
Join us at one of our ‘CityLife Church At Home’ services as we re-imagine how we stay connected and do church together. Citylife Kids is online! Kids Connect is filled with weekly videos, lessons, craft and activities for both Preschool and Primary kids. All are welcome!

  Mon 10 Aug (7:30pm)
World Impact Prayer Meeting

  Mon 10 Aug (8pm)
Discover the movement of Christianity around the world

Stories of Transformation

Since our beginning in 1967, the story of CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve heard many stories of transformation of the years - read some of the stories that have been happening in CityLife, and consider sharing your story too.

Recent Messages

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Repentance - Psalm 120
  Andrew Chisholm  
As we pursue God’s best in life there are times we can become disoriented—from Psalm 120 Andrew Chisholm examines how to start re-orientating our journey through repentance.
Give Me This Mountain
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares stories from the book of Joshua and CityLife Church that demonstrate how the influence of God’s Kingdom continues to expand through courage and creativity.
  Dave Ferguson  
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Dave Ferguson shares an empowering message on the importance of courage to do God's work.
An Encouraging Presence
  Andrew Chisholm  
As part of the Inspire Conference, Andrew Chisholm shares from Joshua 1:1-18 to reflect on how God’s presence fills us with courage, and also give us the capacity to encourage others.
Hero Makers
  Dave Ferguson  
Dave Ferguson kicks off the Inspire Conference by inspiring us to be Hero Makers.
Kingdom Generosity
  Jason Smith  
Kingdom Generosity sets a high standard for giving as God is generous, mirroring His nature and character to those around us, and not just donating money and things out of our surplus. A powerful message from Jason Smith.
God Opportunities
  Frank Damazio  
Frank Damazio speaks to us about how to not only see opportunities God has given to us, but to seize them wholeheartedly.
A Missional Theology to Bless
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
Although God's Kingdom is unshakeable and His influence unstoppable; God desires to shift us, shake us, and stop us in this season to realign us to His mission.

More Messages

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CityLife Kids ministry is available at CityLife Church Knox. We treasure each child and are committed to provide a safe, fun and exciting environment for them to learn about God. Our aim is to not only impact the children in our congregation, but also those in our community, building them up in their identity in Christ.

Our Kids Church have customised programs in individual rooms:
Preschool 1
Preschool 2
Preschool 3
Preschool 4
Primary Prep – 2
Primary 3 - 5
Primary 6

Our desire is to have our children join us right from when their programs commence, at the start of each service for Preschool 3 through to Primary 6 rooms. Preschool 1 & 2 rooms are opened during the greeting time of the church service. All our programs finish at the end of the church service. During school holidays we may offer shorter programs, which can be confirmed via our events calendar.

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Terry's Kitchen

Connecting people through food. Amazing ambience, brilliant coffee and creative menu choices created by Chef Terry Tang.

Get Involved

Church is not a place we go to. It is a HOME we belong to. Like a family, we share life together and contribute using our talents, gifts and finances. When we connect with those around us and engage our gifts, we become part of a bigger community of people, all working together, taking part in what God is doing. How can you get involved?

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