My story of transformation is about the positive impact of attending a Life Group for the first time. It also tells how I feel I am being transformed inside, through my Christian journey and how sometimes I almost feel as if an old house inside me is being demolished and a new one is being built. Perhaps the story can be best conveyed by this short letter I wrote to the hosts at the Life Group the next day... “Thank you very much for opening the way for me to join your Life Group at such short notice. I very much enjoyed being there and I also feel I benefited greatly from being there. As we know from the Bible, and from our own experience, when we become a Christian we are remade, reborn. I am a relatively new Christian and at the moment I am experiencing, very intensely, the process of becoming a new person, of being remade inside. I think that attending your Life Group has been a marker in this process. Sometimes I feel the process of being remade almost like something physical going on inside me, like an old house being demolished, and a new one being built in its place. Sometimes it almost feels like people inside me with planks of wood and hammers and nails and crowbars, pulling down the old house and putting up the framework of the new. I felt this very strongly during my prayers the morning after attending your group. I could definitely feel a new stage in my inner-development as a Christian. It is amusing that I started off the evening going to a stand-up comedy course but finished up at your Life Group. I realise that the more and more contact I have with Christians, the better it is for me. So your group was a real support to me. Thank you very much, and may many blessings attend you.

Posted in November 2015

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