Fathers in Faith
  Michael Magyar & Jason Smith  
What does it take to embrace the Paul and Timothy model of being a Father in Faith? Conversely, what does it take to embrace Elijah and Elisha model? A powerful message from Michael Magyar and Jason Smith.
Influencers: Be a Co-Labourer
  Andrew Chisholm  
As part of our Influencers series, Andrew Chisholm shares about the profound influence Jesus had on the life of Peter.
Be an Example, Have an Example
  Clem Fung  
Do you ever wish a mentor could come alongside and help you to grow? Moses and Joshua in the Bible show us how it's done. An inspiring message from Clem Fung.
Every City Overflowing with Kingdom Life
  Marg Perry  
Marg Perry shares how we can seek the peace and prosperity of our city.
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares a powerful and personal message on God's heart for the generations and how our legacy and priority shape the next generation.
His Kingdom in the City
  Kim Hammond  
We want to see every city overflowing with Kingdom Life by loving our neighbours. A practical and moving message from Kim Hammond.
Releasing the Kingdom Life
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks ways in which we release the Kingdom Life to change our world.
Learning to Flourish Again
  Lisa McInnes-Smith  
This Mother's Day, Lisa McInnes-Smith shares a message which encourages us to focus on the high value behaviours that make life fruitful and effective.
  Sam Grimshaw  
In this powerful message, Sam Grimshaw explores our calling to bring the Kingdom of God through rebuilding community.
Longing for Belonging
  Paul Molyneux  
One of our deepest felt needs as human beings is to know that there is a place in the world where we fit, and that our contribution matters. Paul Molyneux speaks to this from Philippians.
To Wrestle with Doubt
  Paul Molyneux  
God wants to journey with you as you wrestle with doubt. Drawing from the life of Thomas, Paul Molyneux shares a powerful message this Easter Sunday.
Path to Life
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
Racquel Bisinella-Duns leads us along Jesus' path to life on this Good Friday.
Fully Committed
  Andrew Chisholm  
For Palm Sunday, Andrew Chisholm reflects on the commitment Jesus made to offer his life as a sacrifice for our sin.
Fully Committed
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. A powerful message from Shelley Ligtermoet.
The Road to Emmaus
  Vicky Simpson  
Vicky Simpson shares a powerful message in which she compares the journey of our church to the events recorded in Luke 24.
Into the Deep
  Paul Molyneux  
Jesus calls his disciples to trust in Him and like Simon, to go 'into the deep' with Him. A powerful message from Paul Molyneux.
Our Mind Matters
  Andrew Chisholm  
From the Scriptures, Andrew Chisholm shows how our practices of prayer can help renew our mind and take authority over our thought life.
  Brisita Rojas-Ryan  
Part of Living Victoriously means that all children of God can approach Him with boldness for healing and trust that His will be done, even when it looks different to what we expected. A personal and powerful message from Brisita Rojas-Ryan.
Lessons From a Battle
  Paul Molyneux  
Jehoshaphat faced an impossible battle. Drawing from 2 Chronicles 20, Paul Molyneux encourages us that our battle belongs to the Lord.
Understanding Our Spiritual Authority
  Liz Thong  
When we have a revelation of the delegated authority of Christ that we possess, our whole life changes! As we embark into a season of prayer and fasting, Liz Thong unpacks how to operate in Spiritual Authority in order to live victoriously and be fully alive to God's purposes.
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