To Be His Hands and Feet
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
Rule of Life, re-assessing our schedules and what we fill our days with in order that it is shaped around Remaining Fruitful. A powerful message from Racquel Bisinella-Duns.
The Journey to Wholeness in Christ
  Megan Solomon  
God desires for us to be whole in Christ, to be restored by and transformed in Him. To do this, Jesus tells us to ‘remain’ in Him (John 15) and the Spiritual Disciplines are the ‘open door’ invitations to this joyful journey. A powerful message from Megan Solomon.
To Be in His Presence
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw shares on how Jesus shows us the example of how to remain in His presence.
To Be or Not to Be
  Brisita Rojas Ryan  
Pursuing God's presence is a question of turning from some things towards even greater things. A powerful message from Brisita Rojas Ryan.
True Identity
  Liz Thong  
Who am I? What am I defined by when all is stripped away? This message by Liz Thong challenges us to give up all the false identities that we think frame us and embrace the true identity of being the Beloved of God.
Who Made Room for Jesus
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm explores the question "Who made room for Jesus?" in the ancient Christmas story.
An Overcomer Through Christ
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks key principles that can help us build our faith in Christ in order to overcome the challenges of life in this world.
Peace Like a River
  Amanda Saenz  
We can experience 'peace like a river' because we have the opportunity to be in relationship with the Prince of Peace. An encouraging message from Amanda Saenz.
God Has Made Room for You
  Sam Grimshaw  
God has made room for you and wants to write His story on your heart. A powerful message from Sam Grimshaw.
Young and Old Together
  Andrew Chisholm and Julian Ham  
Andrew Chisholm and Julian Ham share on how we can value, honour and make room in our lives for people older than us.
Singleness - The Blessed Life
  Peter Yao  
Jesus brings radically good news to those who are single, and feel grieved, alone and abandoned. An inspiring message from Peter Yao.
Single and Ready to Mingle
  Brisita Rojas  
The Church can be a beautiful expression of God’s family – even for those who find themselves single. A powerful message from Brisita Rojas.
Making Room for Honour
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm reflects on the apostle Paul's radical upside teaching about honouring one another.
Relationships Face to Face
  Allan and Helen Meyer  
From all eternity the God in who’s image we are created has done relationships face to face. Learning to “turn towards” is one of the great skills of relationships that last. A practical and powerful message from Allan and Helen Meyer.
Let's Talk About Generation Z
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Shelley Ligtermoet explores how the church can equip themselves to welcome and discipleship the next generation.
Kingdom Justice in a Post Covid World
  Rev.Dr Joseph D'Souza  
Rev. D'Souza explores richly why the biblical view of justice is so crucial to our witness in these times.
Reimagining Missions
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini points us to mission opportunities right in our neighbourhoods to the mission fields overseas & gives us key principles to join God at work.
True Greatness
  Simon Longden  
True greatness is true influence. It is wrapped up in your capacity to point out who Jesus is to the world. A powerful message from Simon Longden.
Influence - Community Impact
  Marg Perry  
Our role in our community is to notice what needs restoring and bring the restoration power of the gospel to that situation.
Joining God at Work Together
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond teaches from the book of Luke, on how we are sent corporately as a community, together to demonstrate and proclaim the good news of Jesus.
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