But I Say to You...Do Not Judge
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Jesus rebukes hypocritical and self-righteous judgement of others. Shelley Ligtermoet explores how in order for us to see clearly and guide others in Kingdom living we must first examine our own lives.
But I Say to You; Be Reconciled
  Andrew Chisholm  
Jesus taught that reconciliation can transform relationships that have been damaged by angry words. Andrew Chisholm reflects on how this can happen.
But I say to you...Seek first the Kingdom of God
  Tina Waldrom   
The Sermon on the Mount is often misunderstood. In this message, Tina Waldrom shows how Jesus' sermon can bring significant life change when the focus is put where Jesus intended. It's about ‘what to do’ not ‘what not to do’.
Vision Renewed: Next Steps
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm looks at how following Jesus and his way of life transformed ordinary people into disciple-makers with unlimited potential.
A New Name and a Set of Keys
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton shares a powerful message to complete Inspire Weekend.
The Disciple on Mission
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores the mission of a disciple.
The Disciple in Community - The Life Together
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores the life of a disciple in community.
Dancing on Mountain Tops - Inspire Conference
  Andrew Chisholm  
A powerful message by Andrew Chisholm at the Inspire Conference.
The Disciples Devotion - Fuel to Their Fire - Inspire Conference
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores the motivation of a disciple at the Inspire Conference.
Inspire Conference - Friday
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares an encouraging message at the Inspire Conference.
Discipleship Is... - Inspire Conference
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores what discipleship is at the Inspire Conference.
Women's Event Message
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton shares an empowering message at the Women's Event.
Jonah - Inside Out
  Marg Perry  
The story of Jonah reminds us to be transformed from the inside out, so that we can express God's mercy to others. An inspiring message by Marg Perry.
The Battle For Your Faith
  Gurmit Gill  
Nothing poses a greater threat to Satan’s kingdom than a Christian who is unmovable in faith. Gurmit Gill shares some practical insights as to how we can stand firm in our faith.
Moses - There's More to the Story
  Brisita Rojas  
Just like Moses, we all face challenges in our lives and within ourselves... but with God, there’s always more to the story. A powerful message by Brisita Rojas.
Esther, Doing What's Right
  U-Wen Low  
Through the book of Esther, U-Wen Low explores what it means to do right even when God seems silent.
Elijah: The Three Spirits
  Godwin Shim   
Godwin Shim shares a significant prophetic message in which God is calling the church to respond to: the three spirits.
Abraham and the Faithfulness of God
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares an encouraging message about Abraham’s faith journey from barrenness and loneliness to blessing.
Ruth - Nothing Just Happens
  Susanna Koch  
The book of Ruth is a story of God's providence. Through looking at her life we discover the extraordinary outcome when ordinary people trust in Him.
David - Living in Tune With God's Heartbeat
  Markus Koch  
Exploring the life of David, Markus Koch illustrates how we can live a life in tune with God's heartbeat.
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