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Tough Questions Kids Ask
Kids ask the MOST interesting questions! Don’t they? The same applies to their curiosity about God and faith. To help our parents, here is a collection of their questions answered from a Biblical perspective.

28/29 May 2022
Put on the Good News Boots. Today we’ll be looking at the third piece of God’s armour, the Good News Boots. You’ll learn how God helps us put on these boots so we can share the Good News about Jesus with everyone. Let’s put on God’s armour every day and worship Him for everything He does for us. Join in and have fun.


28/29 May 2022
Incredible Cathy talks about the third piece of God’s Armour today – the Good News Boots. In today’s story we hear about the special message of the Good News that Jesus wants us to tell everyone. And with the help of the Good News Boots, it’s easy! Join in to learn more and worship God for giving us everything we need to fight the spiritual battles.

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