24 & 25 October - BLESS Challenge

Our October BLESS Challenge looks at the other “S”!

The Su family share some fantastic tips about this special “S” in BLESS.

Download the PDF, and fill up the “S” box, and we look forward to who you’ll bless!

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24/25 October 2020
This week’s story is far from fishy! Amali, our talented Knox Kids Pastor has an outrageous but true bible story that will make you go W.O.W – really loudly!! The Tay brothers, on the other hand, have a couple of tricks up their sleeves, are you quick enough to see how they do it?

Pray together: ‘Dear God, Thank you that there is nothing you cannot do. I believe that like Peter, I too can run to you and leave my worries with you. I trust that you will always find a way for me. I love you – Amen.’

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24/25 October 2020
Anne, our wonderful Manningham Kids Pastor has a couple of cool coin tricks to show and teach you! Emilia and David, our fabulous volunteers, share a Weird, Outrageous and Wonderful true story from the Bible, a really fishy tale which we are certain you will learn from! The fantastic Ng family have once again blessed us with their musical talents, let us worship alongside them!

Memory verse: “I know that you (God) can do anything, and no one can stop you.” Job 42:2

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