We are so excited for 2021! Are you ready to follow Jesus?
We hope you’ve received our postcard by now! We would love to see how many of you have coloured them in!
23/24 January
Hey Kids! Remember to bring in any of the monthly challenges to redeem a token! Once you colour “Jesus + Me”, bring it in too!

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We can’t wait to see you face to face in 2021, so don’t forget to mark your calendars.
Registrations for the weekend coming up remains active from Tuesday to Sunday.

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  24 & 31 Jan 10am

23/24 January 2021
What’s next on our Jesus + Me series? Busy Bee shares a true Bible story, about King David and Jonathan, and how they became best friends. They helped each other, whenever one of them got into trouble! Busy Bee asks if you can be a good friend. We are certain you can. Ask God to show you who you can be a good friend to? Share just how much God loves them.

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23/24 January 2021
Incredible Nancy from Whittlesea Kids shares this week’s Bible Story about a very poor widow who trusted God, even though she did not have much. Jesus knew that in her heart the poor widow trusted God to provide her needs. Join Phenomenal Renato as we pray for God to help us give our best and nothing less! Remember! Whatever we give, in our very best, we give it all to God!

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