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Bible Story October Overview
Tough Questions Kids Ask
Kids ask the MOST interesting questions! Don’t they? The same applies to their curiosity about God and faith. To help our parents, here is a collection of their questions answered from a Biblical perspective.

23/24 October 2021
Our bible story today is about Paul, a missionary, who was on a ship when suddenly a storm hit. An angel told Paul that although the ship would break in two, everyone would be saved. Wow! It’s going to be an exciting story. Join in today to hear more on how you can tell others about Jesus. Let’s worship Him together for all He has and will do.


23/24 October
Secret Agent Anne shares more about missions this week. We hear from some missionary partners who have blessed many in India, including raising money to build a school. WOW! We also learn what to we can tell others about Jesus so they too can experience His goodness. Flabbergasting Attila answers another tough question and Crazy Carol takes on another disgusting food-eating challenges. Let’s join in together to worship our amazing God.

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