August - Tangram Faith Challenge

Each week this month, our bible stories tell of situations that may be challenging and how our bible characters, using God’s principles, found a solution. That’s why we have called this month’s challenge Tangram Faith! A tangram is made up of 7 different shapes that challenge you to create pictures of our bible stories for each week.

Download the PDFs below to create your very own tangrams
We cannot wait to see all your different designs and creations

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8/9 August 2020
Superhero Captain America aka Knox Kids Pastor, Cindy introduces amazing Casey volunteer Josephine Tan, who shares the story of Jesus providing enough food for more than 5000 people! Wow, this makes us hungry... hungry for His WORD! Let’s goooooooo! Remember to upload your Tangram.

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8/9 August 2020
Captain America oh we mean, Knox Kids Pastor, Cindy is back to welcome our phenomenal and faithful kids legend, Graeme Jones with his “teal coloured” buddy, Ivan. Together, they retell the story in John 6:1-15. Wondering which story that is, well grab your bibles, click to watch and learn one of God’s special names, Jehovah Jireh! Hope you are enjoying our, ‘Have you ever wondered...’ segment – this week, Ben (Rev. Canon J. John’s son) tackles the tricky question: ‘Was Jesus a man or God?’

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