Teaching Children The Foundations of Our Faith in God, so They Will Come to Know, Love and Serve Our Heavenly Father as Authentic Young Disciples of Jesus

CityLife Kids ministry is for children aged from 1 year old through to Primary 6. This is offered during our weekend church services. Our aim is to reach out to children in our congregation as well as those within our community. We want to raise them up in the things of God, so they will come to know, love and serve our Heavenly Father and grow into authentic young disciples of Jesus. At CityLife Kids we treasure each child and are committed to provide a safe, fun and God-filled environment for them.
Pre-school 3 & 4 | 25/26 March 2023
In preschool today we learn that when we are happy, we are thankful. Today’s story is about King Jehoshaphat and how he was very thankful to God for hearing his prayers. Join in to see how being thankful, especially to God, helps us to be happy.

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Primary | 25/26 March 2023
In today’s lesson we look at how being thankful can help us deal with our emotions. We hear the story of when King Jehoshaphat thanked God for all He had done, showing us that no matter what emotions we feel, God will help us deal with emotions. Join in to learn more.

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Tough Questions Kids Ask
Kids ask the MOST interesting questions! Don’t they? The same applies to their curiosity about God and faith. To help our parents, here is a collection of their questions answered from a Biblical perspective.
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